Meet THE Beauty Blogging Junkie

August 13, 2009

We have certain blogs/Twitterers that we just adore. We aim to tell you about them from time to time, but probably can’t ever do it enough so we’re starting a new series of posts to share some of the creme de la creme of those ladies we love to follow (and feel as though you’d love too!)
Kicking off the series is Amber Katz, the fabulous Junkie behind Beauty Blogging Junkie. If ever a girl were to know what beauty is all about (or sometimes should be about!), Amber is it. Meet Amber here as she talks to WIT & Whimsy!
What made you start Beauty Blogging Junkie?

I have always loved beauty products and was undergoing a quarter-life crisis working in marketing at a big four audit firm that I’ve since left. I’d tried for years to get a job as a beauty assistant at a magazine to no avail. I found myself recommending hair products to (straight) male auditors in their 50s constantly on elevators at work. They couldn’t have cared less, so I decided I needed an outlet. I was also constantly fielding phone calls from my friends regarding salons and product recommendations. Three and a half years ago, I started BBJ. It’s been an amazing experience. I absolutely love being able to find about new collections before they hit shelves and meet so many phenomenal people in the industry!

What’s a beauty trend that you just wish would end already?

The matte nail trend just began, but already I wish it would end. That’s one trend that just depresses me. Nails should always be shiny. Matte makeup, okay. Matte nails… just, no. A whole lotta no.

Favorite beauty brand & why?

This is so hard. I’ll have to break this question down into Makeup, Bath/Body and Hair. Makeup: NARS and Benefit. Bath/Body: Bliss and Fresh. Hair: Moroccanoil, and Pureology.

Can’t-live-without-it grooming product?

Dark brown eye liner. I don’t look “done” without it.

Famous last words?

Stop with the POWDER foundations, blushes and bronzers. Powder AGES skin prematurely! Invest in cream and liquid iterations of those products.

Thanks, Amber! We need to investigate this Moraccanoil ASAP- sounds amazing!

w&w readers- if you’re not already…follow Amber on Twitter! We love Tweeting with her!

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