Mmm…McDonald's & McCafe

May 11, 2009

icedcoffeeWe wrote last summer about our obsession with the McDonald’s cones that are as guilt-free as they are tasty and now we wanted to give some love to other favorites of ours on the menu that don’t make you want to run to the gym afterward.

McDonald’s has just launched a brand new campaign surrounding their McCafe offerings and we think they are totally worth checking out. Our favorite? The iced vanilla lattes. parfait

While these lattes pack 180 Calories versus Starbucks’ equvalent 120, we think the difference in cost more than makes up for the calories. A small at McDonald’s will set you back just about under 2 bucks whereas at Starbucks, you’ll pay about $3. All those dollars add up! And just think, if you save yourself a buck, you can justify the amazing fruit & yogurt parfaits that we just love so much. Oh and the other best part about those little guys besides the deliciousness? They are only 260 calories! Compare that to your daily breakfast pastry laden with fat & calories!

And while we may be biased (a certain family member works for corporate), we always write about what we review honestly which means you must try out the new McCafe offerings when you need your next pick-me-up!

photos courtesy of McDonald’s

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