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August 10, 2015

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Hi All! How was your weekend? I have been totally sidelined since Wednesday when my slight cough took a turn for the worse and I had a full-blown cold / virus situation. I spent the last five days in bed being unable to do anything but lay there. I had chills/sweats/a mean, painful cough and congestion that just didn’t want to improve. Unfortunately I coulnd’t take any antibiotics so I was stuck pumping myself with fluids/nyquil/mucinex/advil and gargling salt water. It was rough. I still don’t feel 100% but am slowly now on the mend. Albeit so, so behind on work I the mere thought of it gives me chest constrictions!


With how much we’re all on our phones these days, we all no doubt have curated our favorite apps. I unfortunately ordered the iPhone 6 with less space (clearly not looking out for my future self) and therefore have very limited space which makes determining what stays and what goes even easier. So here are my favorite apps (in no particular order!)



Are you on this bandwagon yet? I only recently made my stories public so you can now follow along if you add me @meghandono. You’ll see what I’m eating, my walks to and from work in beautiful Soho and the West Village, dinner dates with my brother, antics with my roommates and more behind the scenes of wit & whimsy. I love the fun, snackable snippets and keeping up with friends and fellow bloggers through this app!


After Jess told me about Snapseed back in the Spring, it quickly became my favorite photo editing app. I use it in tandem with Face Tune when needed but I love how many options you get for editing. It’s easy to use (although does take some getting used to)

Nike+ Running

I use this app less now that I’m not training for any races, but I love how it keeps track of your mileage, routes and helps you to pace yourself (which is of course particularly important when you’re trying to get to know your endurance better.) You can sync your music to the app and cross compare the stats from all your runs tracked within the app.


This goes without saying. I’m in love as I’m sure you are. Follow me @meghandono if you’re not already!


This is one of the first apps I recommend to people when they move to New York. It helps you plot out your route for the Subway and I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know about it until several months into living here! Even better? It works underground so you can avoid the panic associated with having unforeseen track changes (which always happens.)


Love it or hate it, I’m not sure how I got along in New York before Uber. It takes so much stress out of getting around this hectic city. And when I travel for that matter. I love that you can easily split a ride with friends within the app (we use it all the time when I’m in San Francisco and did it on recent trips to Austin and Nashville) and because my West Village office location makes it hard to get cabs, its perfect for rides home after late nights at the office. Even better? I sync my Uber account with my Starwood membership so I get hotel points for every dollar spent on rides. WIN/WIN.


While this app could use a major face lift, I still absolutely love it. It’s connected to your social networks and functions as a mini time machine. It’ll show you exactly what you were posting on your friends’ Facebook walls, what photo albums you uploaded, what you tweeted and your old Insatagrams. The throwbacks to my San Francisco days are so fun and the ones from college are the best. I’m constantly sending the screenshots of old Facebook wall postings to my best friends and laughing at what we would write and the old photos that pop up. It’s such a fun daily walk down memory lane.


Having Spotify Premium was a game changer when I was training for my half marathon. Your music is on demand and you can play all your playlists while on the road. I ensure my playlists are available offline and listen to low key music while on the plane and


I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people that is constantly looking people up on IMDB when watching a movie. I just love the look back and also being the first to figure out the answer to the “Where do I know him/her from…” question – ha!


Wine delivered on demand? Yes, please. I have used this countless times to bring wine when we forgot to pick some up for our weekly Sunday Night Dinners or when we’re doing an impromptu happy hour at the office. You can also order beer/mixers/liquor and everything is delivered to you in under an hour. Genius.


Pinterest is one of the most welcome time-killers when you’re waiting. In line to pick up your prescription. Waiting in a doctor’s office. Waiting for a friend. Follow all my favorite pins here.

What are your favorite apps?

p.s my phone case is from Gigi New York and comes in loads of great colors.

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  1. I just added you on Snapchat! I’m @erin.fairchild

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Her Heartland Soul

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