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March 9, 2009

Ok, you know how you feel when you find a service that is just so genius and so wonderful that you can’t believe you lived without it before? Well that is how I feel about How many times have you wished you could immediately find out when an item has gone on sale without having to check a website like a person who has developed OCD? If you’re like me, a lot. Enter ShoppingNotes.

This free (yes, free) service is like having shopping bookmarks with the power of a search engine geared entirely towards prices. Once you sign up, you can bookmark any URL your little shopping heart desires and ShoppingNotes will alert you whenever that product’s price changes.

It’s so easy to use and so darn right useful, it’s no wonder that they’ve been praised by Oprah and Real Simple. The site definitely could be a bit more robust and pumped up a notch when it comes to design and aesthetic appeal, but it’ll get there (it is in Beta, after all). For now, all that is important is that the service works well. I only just signed up today, but have already signed up for my fair share of alerts. In this economy, a girl’s got to be all about sales- and ShoppingNotes helps you do just that. Love it!

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