May 29, 2019

Noteworthy May 2019 I wit & whimsyThis month’s Noteworthy features something that has truly changed my life in such an impactful way, a podcast I’m enjoying, a great way to stay hydrated and a candle company I am championing. All in all: so many good things! Hope you enjoy this month’s roundup of Noteworthy things.

Noteworthy May 2019

Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

I know myself well enough at age 33 to know what I need to feel like I am fully functioning and feeling good and one of these things is being hydrated enough. The issue? I am so easily distracted that I often forget to pay attention to my giant Nalgene bottle when I work from home. Recently I got sent something from a brand and in the box was this handy water bottle reminder that flashes if you haven’t drank from your water bottle in 30 minutes. It is perfectly annoying enough to make you want to pick up your bottle pretty instantly. I’ve loved having it as a way to ensure I’m drinking water all day.

Bad on Paper Podcast

I go through major ON/OFF phases of listening to podcasts. Most often I listen to them when in the bath and I want something short, sweet and insightful. Which is why I hadn’t listened to my friend Grace’s Bad on Paper podcast for its first months in existence. (It also started as a Young Adult book podcast which is a genre I don’t read) but anyway, I attended her and her co-host Becca’s Live podcast show earlier this year and was blown away by the enthusiasim for them and their shows. I knew I was clearly missing out on something!

I have now been enjoying playing catch up on a variety of their past shows (the one with Indie Lee was particularly wonderful) and can see why they have such a devoted following. If you like books, beauty and listening to two smart women banter about interesting topics, I highly recommend you check out the Bad on Paper podcast. (Also they have more Live Shows coming up – if you’re in one of the cities they’re visiting I highly recommend you go for a good time!)

Boomerang Email Application

I truly can’t name something that’s made such a positive impact on my life so much as Boomerang has. I should frankly write a whole blog post about it but I’ll try to limit my characters :). When I took on international clients in the past year, I had an unforeseen side affect. I was made brutally aware of my email addiction. I really hate having unread emails so I have a tendency to (read: obsession with) open(ing) my emails. Even if I don’t plan on responding to them – I open them, flag them and then move on.

But, in the few seconds it takes me to do it, I see the context of the email and if I do this at off-hours, of course my brain is reverted back to work when it should be enjoying everything else life has to offer. When I was in London my brother and his friend told me about Boomerang and I quickly replied “I don’t need to schedule emails – that’s not my issue.” But then they elaborated and told me that Boomerang offers an “Inbox Pause” option that helps with productivity but also allows you to set hours on your inbox. While your inbox is paused you don’t see any emails.

And better yet? This functionality syncs with your phone.

So, since downloading it in March, when I am done working for the day, I pause my inbox. And let me tell you the freedom, the peace of mind and the lessening of anxiety that came with this!! I now no longer see stressful emails just before I go to bed and I am not distracted by new emails that come in on the weekends. (This article rang so true for me in how I have been conditioned to treat my Sundays when I am at home without real plans.) The results since I made Inbox Pause part of my every day? My anxiety has been way dialed back. I know that I’m lucky to not work in an industry with emergencies but I also know that if something was urgent, the person trying to reach me would pick up the phone.

Not having the nagging number of unread emails surrounding my every view has truly changed my life for the better. Additionally, I wake up less stressed because my iPhone inbox doesn’t yet show a stream of emails. I no longer lay in bed and read to-dos or deliverables right when I wake up. Instead, I don’t un-pause my inbox until I’m sitting down at my desk, ready to work (typically after I’ve worked out and enjoyed my coffee!) I also now, for the record, also use the Bommerang “Send Later” functionality on emails all.the.time! In fact, I was too obsessed with fast responses and sometimes it was to my detriment. I truly cannot recommend Boomerang enough.

Otherland Candles

I first discovered Otherland candles when I kept smelling the one the founder designed for The Wing. Turns out she’s a member as well! I love finding other female-founded brands to support and her candles are not only chic but they smell insanely good. And I also love that they offer a gift program. I know candles are a “basic” gift but frankly it is one of my favorite things to receive! You can never have enough in my opinion! Need help choosing one? Rattan and Kindling are my two personal favorites! Also don’t miss their newest collection: The Awakening.

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p.s. past Noteworthy posts here and some books I’ve read and loved.

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  1. GF says:

    i first learned of Otherland candles because my barre studio burns them in the locker room area… now I’m obsessed!

  2. Grace Atwood says:

    Thank you sooooo much! Xoxo

  3. Melanie says:

    I have had an Ulla on my wishlist for years… might need to pull the trigger on it! I love that it’ll fit on any water bottle or cup! So simple but clearly effective.

  4. Shannon says:

    I had boomerang and didn’t know about that feature. Game changer for teachers!!!

  5. I absolutely love Bad on Paper too! I’m not a YA reader either, but found it strangely relaxing to just listen to them chat about books, even if I knew I wasn’t going to read that particular book.

    And thank you so much for the Boomerang suggestion; need to download and try that out ASAP!

    Briony xox

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