March 25, 2019

Noteworthy: March

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? I leaned into being a homebody and it was so, so nice. My gua sha treatment was perfectly timed as it required no alcohol and no working out. I deep cleaned my apartment, took a long bath, cooked for the first time in forever, read and went to bed early. It was heaven. I ended the weekend with a walk in Prospect Park with a friend and a fun Sunday night dinner at my brother’s last night and am looking forward to this week when I have visitors arriving Wednesday.

Today it is time for another edition of Noteworthy when I share products I’ve been loving of late! Would love to hear if you’ve tried any of these or are excited to do so!

Noteworthy: March


I got these for Christmas and love them! Consider me a convert. I like that they sync via bluetooth seamlessly and they’re so much easier than dealing with the cables from Apple’s previous headphone options. The airpods are easy to lose so beware and I’d say steer clear if you lose things easily.

5 Minute Journal

I used to love journaling in high school and college but after I moved to New York, I dropped the habit.  Not for any particular reason but it has been a long time since I dedicated time to journaling. The 5 Minute Journal is the perfect re-entry to journaling. Each page is a straightforward structure with writing prompts such as things you’re grateful for or a daily affirmation. It takes, yep, five minutes, to fill out in the morning and the evening (or less) and it is such a nice way to focus on the good in your life and help to manifest what you’re looking to get out of each day. The company behind the journal also has a great newsletter that’ll help you with the process along with sending out inspiring articles and stories. You can sign up for it towards the bottom of their home page.


I bought these randomly while in London and then fell asleep faster than I ever have on a plane when I pulled one out on my return flight to NYC. These eye masks are self-heating and are infused with jasmine to help relax you and get you to drift off to sleep. I’m now convinced I need to have one on every flight with me. Once you open the package, the cozy warmth will begin. I love that it is disposable, too.


Earlier this year I shared that I wanted to join a wine club. After looking at several of my favorite Napa/Sonoma wineries, I decided to go with something more affordable and have been trying out Winc which is a monthly service that sends you 4 curated bottles. (I believe a reader actually recommended Winc!) You can opt into red or white options (during Winter I’ve been doing 3 bottles of red and 1 of white each month) and you can also easily skip a month by logging into your membership dashboard. Each shipment is super affordable at about $50 each month and arrives within the first week of the month. I make less trips to the liquor store now and always have an exciting delivery to look forward to (much like Book of the Month!)

p.s. things I bought and loved in 2018 and recent beauty products I’ve loved.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Love the look of those eyemasks! I always have trouble sleeping while traveling, hope those will do the trick in the future! Happy Monday, Meghan!

  2. Sabrina Matlin says:

    You may totally laugh, but have you heard of the Virgin Wine Club?
    I joined a few years back when they offered 3000 points for my Virgin Frequent Flier club and I have never canceled
    I get 4 cases a year, plus 2 bonus cases (Summer and Holiday), I personally selected the white because I don’t drink a ton of red, but you can mix and match

    Also great is that they include this little binder, and with each case, there are inserts for the binder that tell you about each wine, and then have a recipe and tasting notes! So you can build a little binder of wine info.
    Not well known producers, either!

    I live in SF so I get napa/Sonoma wines whenever, but this has been really fun and when you break down the price it’s like $13-15 a bottle

  3. Heather says:

    I am completely obsessed with my AirPods. I actually just upgraded to the new pair they announced with wireless charging!

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Where did you buy the space masks in London?

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