February 28, 2018

Last month I re-launched my monthly favorites series under the title “Noteworthy” and I’m excited to share the next iteration of it! (Just under the wire for February…how is it already March tomorrow!?)

Sara Happ The Lip Slip Lip Balm:

I admittedly had never heard of Sara Happ’s brand before a lovely press delivery arrived at my home of her OG lip balm and also her lip mask that I mentioned in this post. I tried out both and fell in love rather instantly. Both work so well to cure chapped lips (a chronic problem for me this time of year especially on the days where my water intake is lacking – although I’m making progress on that front!) The lip balm makes your lips instantly look better…so much so that I’ve opted to use this most days before leaving the house in place of any proper lip color! It’s also high shine so you instantly look a bit more put together after slathering this on. It’s not often I would rave about a lip balm but this one deserved calling out!

Book of the Month:

I actually can’t believe how much I have enjoyed Book of the Month! I know I mentioned it in previous posts but wanted to give it its own shout out in this series because it’s that great. I signed up for BOM after hearing Grace rave about it and I have to say it has made my goal of reading one book a month perfectly achievable! (After signing up at the beginning of January I’ve actually managed to read three books already this year!) Once the book is in my apartment I instantly want to read it and then pass it along to a friend (aka: get it out of my apartment – no space to keep them around – ha!) If you guys decide to try it out sign up with this link and we’ll each get a free book – woohoo!  If you sign up I hope you love it as much as I do!

Nespresso Aeroccino3:

I have a pantry in my kitchen that is so chock full of stuff it is easy to forget what’s in there. (My Monica closet for all you FRIENDS fans out there.) I recently rediscovered my Nespresso milk frother and I am SO happy about it. The first time I used it several years ago I put way too much milk in it and had quite a disaster on my counter top so now I know better and I can make myself lattes in the morning to mix things up now and then. Seriously my Nespresso is one of my favorite things in my whole apartment and the milk frother is a fun accessory I’m glad to have in rotation now.

Byredo Cotton Poplin Room Spray:

Ok so this is one of those more pricey items that feels silly to spend so much money on and then randomly brings you a lot of joy! I’m not a huge fan of overly powerful scents and this one is so, so beautiful. It’s soft and crisp and features notes of blue chamomile, linen, white cedarwood and sweet musk so it has so much character to it…if that makes sense? I love spraying it in my apartment as an easy refresh and I’m pretty sure it has so much in it I’ll never need to replace it. Better yet? It’s so beautiful I leave it out as part of my windowsill styling! (Other little luxuries I love here.)

p.s. affordable accessories under $100 and a playlist for 2018.

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  1. MarciaMarciaMarcia says:

    Love Sara Happ and her products! I had never heard of her until a friend took me to a beauty trunk show at Nordstrom last year, and Sara was there. She is so lovely, and I love supporting female entrepreneurs. It makes it easy when her products are as good as they claim!

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