March 29, 2018


As we wind down the month of March it means it is time for the latest installment of Noteworthy! I love sharing random finds + the things I’m loving as part of this series and hope you guys enjoy this month’s finds. Do report back if you end up trying any of them!

‘Dining In’ Cookbook by Alison Roman

My brother and his girlfriend gave me this cookbook for Christmas and I have to say it is one of the best I’ve owned. It’s very veggie-forward which my new eating habits are enjoying and the recipes I’ve tried thus far are pretty simple. I also particularly love Alison’s voice as it kind of feels like you’re discussing kitchen hacks and favorite foods with a girlfriend you’ve known forever as you go page by page.


Praise this destination for the summery, carefree dresses of my dreams! I love their selection of midi-dresses and fun prints and recently picked up two dresses. I got this one which I couldn’t love more and this one as well which just has me picturing myself on a winding, cobblestoned street in Rome on a summer day. (A girl can dream!) I’ll caution you that their sizing is awful. I take a 10 in their dresses when I’m usually a size 6 so just be sure to look at the size charts. Also, if you’re tall, steer clear of their shorter dresses. I’m not particularly tall (5’5″) but definitely go more for their longer dresses at my age because their shorter dresses really do run quite short ;).


So I’ve had a lot of questions about what ShapeHouse is ever since sharing my visits there on InstaStories! And in short: it’s a weird, crazy place – ha! Not really, but sort of. ShapeHouse is “an urban sweat lodge” where you go to lay down and sweat it out while wrapped in infrared heat. The heat safely penetrates your body and increases your body temperature. So what are the benefits? Over the course of 55 minutes (while watching TV!) your body detoxifies through sweating which burns calories, de-stresses and, they say, can even help your skin look better and your sleep improve! You do feel “high” afterwards and while it is expensive I have to say that I love the glorious time away from my phone and I really do feel very energized and light following each session. I first went in LA last year and then was so happy to see them open up in New York! They have locations on both the Upper East Side and Flatiron for my fellow New Yorkers and you can get discounted sessions when you sign up for a membership.

Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover

I’ve never been a person who had to worry much about hair removal. Over the years I’ve had friends who have gotten laser hair removal and I have friends who religiously shave their arms or have to wax dark upper lip hair. But it wasn’t until the past few months that I started having stray hairs that were driving me crazy on my face. They were never that noticeable but once I discovered one it was the hunt to have it removed ASAP. After seeing a beauty editor at Real Simple talk over and over again about the benefits of this little gadget, I decided I’d try it out (after all, it’s under $20!) I have to say it is a wondrous gizmo. It painlessly zaps unwanted hairs without the sometimes arduous experience of tweezing. I use it only in places I need it but the beauty editor says you can use it all over your face if you want flawless makeup application.

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  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    Ah, that dress it too good! Thinking I might need that for my work trip to Punta Cana here in a few weeks. I feel like I have nothing to bring along! I just tried my first infrared sauna last week and I’m going again tonight. It feel SO GOOD and my skin was baby soft afterward. Admittedly, I didn’t even know that was one of the benefits going in, but I was pleasantly surprised!

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