Ode to Inslee

September 20, 2011


Finding great blogs has got to be a favorite pastime of mine. It’s one of the reasons I love blogging and getting recommendations from favorite blogging friends of mine. Many I come across are similar in style and then there are some standouts.

And, when I learned of Inslee from Taylor (whose header may look more familiar after this post…) I have to say I was a tad giddy. Her illustrations are absolutely incredible and breathtaking. They are like a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere and every time this extremely talented gal puts pen to paper, her sketches give me a little piece of joy. You can see a lot of her work on her blog which she keeps full of portraits of gorgeous gowns and chic city gals or shop for stationery or artwork featuring her work.

Oh and you can also commission Inslee for pieces of work (which I may just be adding to my to do list- how cute would it be to frame her sketches and place on gallery shelves?!…Project!)

I highly recommend adding Inslee’s blog to your Google Reader, if you couldn’t tell already, she’s a personal fav.

And I’ll leave you with this stunner…inspired by Jason Wu SS12.




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  1. Taylor says:

    So talented, so wonderful, and destined for even more greatness!

  2. Wow… amazing! I love the striped dress (natch.)

  3. Those sketches are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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