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July 7, 2015


I often talk a lot of about new beauty products I’ve been trying out and that I’ve had good experiences with but today I thought I’d share more off-the-beaten-path type products that you may not have heard of or think to purchase.

Here’s a rundown of products you may not have A) ever heard of or B) never thought to purchase and just may find you love as much as I do.

  • Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips: I first wrote about this product here and I’ve only come to love it more. It works wonders on sunburns and is now my go-to before bedtime to hydrate my lips.
  • Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder: This product has been on my nightstand for years now but with such a vague name I feel like it’s one of those products you may never pull the trigger on buying. Experience chest breakouts? Experience pesky zits around that time of the month? Buy this, buy this now. It is ideal for open, infected pimples (raise your hand if you’re guilty of trying to pop zits arrrrrghhhh) and gets dusted over breakouts at night. By morning you’ll be saying “thank you, self, for buying this product.”
  • Clarins Eyeliner in Intense Green: I got this in a gift bag and immediately thought to myself “I’ll never wear that color.” After remembering that makeup artists often swear by putting green shadows or liners on those of us with blue eyes, I decided on a whim one morning to try it out. I have.not.looked.back. It is far more striking than regular ol’ black or brown and it is the most perfect shade of dark green that is is subtle enough for every day wear. Added bonus? It SITS TIGHT. Unlike lots of other eyeliners in the summer heat this one doesn’t smudge or bleed.
  • Tata Harper aromatic Irritability Treatment: Recently my doctor told me I had bad “sleep hygiene.” I laughed out loud. I began to explain my second job aka: this blog and she looked at me like I should really figure out how to improve my habits. I decided one baby step in the right direction was pulling out this Tata Harper oil. As the name suggests, it features a calming blend of oils meant to make you less irritable and become more relaxed. Do I think using it has a bit of a placebo effect? OF course I do. But frankly when you’re a bad sleeper, you’ll take what help you can get. So I’ve made a habit of putting this inside my wrists before going to bed or on my temples. Inhale deeply (and say a prayer for a good night of sleep!)

What are your favorite products in your secret beauty arsenal? Do spill!

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  1. I really want to try that nipple butter! That’s a comment I thought I’d never write! Haha

    Her Heartland Soul

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