Oh So Nice Neutrals

September 25, 2008

While Spring and Summer fashion palattes graced us with outrageously colorful options like kelly green, eggplant, orange, yellow and teal- this Fall, it’s all about the neutrals.

You’d think you’d get sick of neutrals, right? When, in fact, they are the most reliable buys a WIT can have hanging in her closet. We rely on white for when we want to feel even more tan when we come back bronzed from WIT trips involving beaches. We rely on black as our best standby for the nights we’re feeling fat, bloated, pale, stressed, self-conscience (the list goes on and on, I’m sure). And we rely on beige when we need to be professional and conservative.

Well, this Fall all these couleurs will join together in ensembles. But this time around they will play with each other- black accents on a beige top, black and white tweed, steel gray satin, rich gorgeous brown leather, white belts over black shirts- you get the point. Check out ShopBop’s latest LookBook and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s time to throw away the old “no black worn with brown” rule. Learn to love neutrals and start experimenting now! These neutrals can take you from professional to party girl and classic to couture. Loves it!

Designers featured: Marc by Marc Jacobs, T-Bags and Juicy Couture

photos courtesy of ShopBop 

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  1. Matriarch says:

    I have the sequin Juicy dress you feature here…but, of course!

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