On Friendship

April 30, 2019

On Friendship I wit & whimsy

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships lately. Largely because I’ve been going through some things where I’ve needed my friends, but also because of some thought-provoking conversations I’ve been having with some important people in my life of late.

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On Friendship I wit & whimsy

On Friendship

Recently my time spent with friends and acquaintances has been full of refreshingly real conversations. This is not to say I haven’t had great and meaningful conversations with friends in the past – I have. But in 2019 something seems different. Maybe it comes with age or maybe it comes with my being more vulnerable of late (and more open and accepting of obstacles) but recently my time spent with friends has been really moving.

As things have been hard this year (and because several people have inquired…I won’t be elaborating on what’s been going on. I always share as much as I feel compelled to with you guys but some things are not entirely my own to share and the things happening this year will not be shared publicly on wit & whimsy) what I’ve been realizing is that I need to be focusing on the friends who meet me halfway. Not the “friends” that constantly take. Or the friends that feel like every time you meet up you’re a therapist giving 90 minutes of free therapy.

I long ago rid myself of toxic friendships (you know the ones. The ones where the people didn’t make you feel good about yourself or didn’t have shared values. The ones who cut you down or always gossiped. I no longer spend time with people like this. It was a wonderful thing to leave in my past as I grew and became more reflective on my needs in my 30s.) But lately I’ve also been making less time for the friendships in my life that seem one sided. The friends that don’t check in. The ones that don’t feel mutually beneficial.

When we’re going through $h!t, we need friends that really let us speak.

That listen but also hear us. Recently I was at a dinner with two former colleagues turned friends and as I sat crying sharing some of what 2019 has served me in the form of cold, hard truths, I stopped to realize the way I was being heard. Despite them having their own things going on and their triumphs to also be celebrated at the dinner table, I saw their looks of genuine concern and genuine support and my heart felt more full in that moment. We covered a lot of topics over the course of our three hour dinner but in that moment, as tears streamed down my face, I was supremely grateful for these two friendships – from friends I see only four or so times a year – and remembered that these are friends that I could also call on more often.

I’ve been reflecting lately that…

…Some friends you can go months or years not seeing but you pick right back up or they know you so well that upon sight they know you’ve been through or are going through something that’s moved you or changed you or hurt you.

…Some friends are the ones who show up when you don’t expect they will.

…Sometimes the friends we think of first in times of tragedy or despair aren’t the ones that we’ll reap benefit from.

…Sometimes our closest friends live far away and support can only be virtual. This is a really tough one for me. (My very best friends all live 3,000 miles away.)

…Sometimes we have friends that are great friends but can’t read minds. We have to ask for help. We have to reach out.

…Sometimes friends you thought of on one level are the ones that really show up. It allows your friendship to deepen.

…Sometimes you have to recognize and release the friendships that bring energy that is affecting you in a way that’s counter productive.

A lot of things we typically reach out to friends with is good news, right? New jobs, moves, new boyfriends, engagements, new homes, pregnancies…it is news you want to shout from the rooftops. But a lot of life is also un-welcomed news and it can be hard to share it. Typing it or saying it aloud makes it more real. But earlier this year I learned the value of saying what my current reality was and being heard by the people that really wanted to be there for me. And it is the friends that reach out consistently and really show they care and truly hear you…these friends are rare gems in my opinion.

By nature I am a very positive, do-it-all, be a good listener kind of person.

I listen so well and ask so many follow up questions, that what’s going on with me can easily not be discussed.  (I’m also the type of friend who gets value out of being the helper in a relationship – it provides me self worth but it can also be an achilles heel.) And, in addition to this, it can be hard for me to share what’s going on when it is hard. It is particularly difficult for me, when the going gets tough, to reboot. To move forward and to give over to God. (I’m really working on it, though).

What this post is really about is to say that we all have friends that fit different needs.

And as we all get older and grow, it is only natural for our friendships to evolve. (As an aside: adult friendships is one of the topics I am most asked about by you guys via Instagram and email. I always say that you should measure and take stock in how you feel when you walk away from people. The ones that leave you feel uplifted – put effort into those friendships. The ones where you leave feeling anxious or stressed – work to limit or eliminate those.)

Right now I’m personally prioritizing the friends that make me feel heard and whose friendship feels like the road goes both ways – we’re equals in our friendship and in our support system. As I’ve worked to do this this year, it’s been really wonderful to have those honest, transparent, real conversations I mentioned earlier. They’ve fed my soul and made me feel like the time was so well spent. This is how I want to continue to feel in my relationships this year and I’m hopeful that as I continue to protect and prioritize my time and my needs in my current state – that these feelings of fulfillment will continue.

These photos are from this past October when I went to Paris with my friend Briony.

Briony and I had been “internet friends” for many years and shared many mutual friends through the world of blogging. We only met in person in May 2018 in London but became fast friends. An afternoon tea turned into a five hour hang out session which turned into meeting for dinner in Lisbon in June which turned into Paris trip planning for October which turned into rendez-vous-ing in London this past February. It was like we were long lost friends that had finally found one another and I believe we were brought into each other’s lives for a reason.

She’s the ultra-caring type of friend I deeply appreciate and we treat our friendships very similarly. In the short time we’ve known each other, we’ve grown close and talked deeply about life’s most importance topics. She’s the type of friend that makes you want to be a better person and who, when you spend time with her, uplifts you instantly. Our mutual love of Paris is just one thing we have in common and our friendship is a constant reminder that people come into our lives are not by coincidence.

Kate Spade Dress (on sale! Wearing a 6; also love this lace one on sale), Heels & Bag (c/o)

p.s. how to make friends in a new city and a letter I wrote to my younger self last year.

[Anna Lebedeva Photography]

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  1. JB says:

    Why mention what you are going thru on the blog if you are not going to talk about it. Say nothing at all. Why even allude to it?

    • Meghan says:

      Because I’d prefer to be real that life does get hard sometimes and not everything is picture perfect or upbeat and happy always. It’s also inspiring some of the content I’ve been doing.

    • Megan says:

      I just want to say that as a loyal follower for years, one of the main reasons I keep coming back to wit and whimsy is your realness and relatability. And while I love how open you are with your readers, I also totally get that being open also means letting us know when you’re going through something that may not be yours to share or that you may just choose not to – which is okay, as it is YOUR life. So thank you for not faking it even when you can’t go into details, and for being so real!

  2. Rebecca says:

    You look adorable in the pictures. But- I’m obsessed with your friend’s dress. I must get it! It sounds like she lives overseas, but any insight into where to get that dress would be so amazing!

    • Meghan says:

      It’s also from Kate Spade!! I sadly couldn’t find it anywhere online anymore to link it otherwise I would have! I’m sorry!! Maybe eBay or the likes may have one?!

  3. Andrea says:

    Love you to the entire 3k miles between us and back ?

  4. GF says:

    this post hit me JUST like your “single in your 30s” post hit me — and I mean that as a true compliment. I also have gone through a “friends journey” over the past year, with much of the same thoughts — being surprised (both good and bad) by who has and hasn’t been there for me during some trying experiences. the ways I have looked at and come to cherish some friendships over others has truly been eye-opening (again, in good and bad ways). thanks for sharing this and giving me a space to recognize it in others, too! again, like the “single in 30s” post, it helps me feel like there is a community of other fabulous women experiencing these feelings. and P.S. — no need for you to share more than what YOU’RE comfortable sharing. you don’t owe us readers more than whatever YOU want to put out there. I respect that, completely. P.P.S. — I’ve said this before, but loving this open and honest content! It is truly wonderful for me when I read something of yours and it resonates so truly!!

    • Meghan says:

      I am so, so happy reading this post – when my posts mean something to someone it validates my continuing to do this after so many years! THANK YOU for taking the time to open up and share with me what you’ve been going through.

  5. I love everything about this post and you so much. I really relate to all of this, and absolutely treasure our friendship (and even though we’ve only known each other IRL for a year, it somehow feels like we’ve always been friends). Cannot wait for so many more talks, adventures and memories in Paris again soon!

    Briony xox

    • Meghan says:

      Truly feels like we’ve been friends for SO much longer. So cherish you, B and cannot wait till our next reunion in a few short weeks!

  6. Marty says:

    Meghan, your friendships with Briony and the other friends you opened up to at dinner sound very special & it’s obvious you cherish them as they do you. I also respect that you keep certain personal details to yourself. No matter how you earn your living, you are entitled to keep whatever you want private.
    I am also blessed with good friends & have also been through times were I’ve recognized what it’s like to have toxic friends (they are ancient history). More recently, my eyes were opened once again after I lost my mother to cancer. Someone for whom I was there for (even at 4 in the morning as a shoulder to cry on when her mother died because she said her husband didn’t give her enough support) has barely been there now that I’ve lost my mom. But, I should focus on the positive: The good friend who, with his lovely mother & sisters, cooked for me & my father & siblings … and then drove out more than 30 miles to bring the food to my house. My coworkers, some of whom I had not been working with long, came to the funeral & checked in regularly with me many, many times afterward, and inquired how my dad was doing.
    My friends who took me out to remind me to celebrate my mom’s life & who helped me laugh again after losing her in such a tough way.
    I hope you are able to spend more time with all your good friends. They really can make such a big difference!

    • Meghan says:

      Marty, thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom but amazed that you’re looking towards the positive – we all need to do that more often! Good on you for celebrating the friendships that are feeding your soul. So appreciate your comment!

  7. Jordan says:

    I was just looking for an article like this and needed this this week ??

  8. Lisa says:

    You two look like sisters!

  9. Amy says:

    Hi Meghan… Just chiming in to say thank you for sharing such lovely parts of your life with us. No need to make your struggles public. You come across as real and genuine, aND it’s a good reminder that no matter how perfect things can look on the surface, life can be messy sometimes. Keep your faith and know that this reader is praying for you.

    • Meghan says:

      Thank you so much, Amy! Your note about praying for me brought tears to my eyes- I’m so grateful to have readers like you!

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