Owl City – Newest Addition to Our City Tunes

October 6, 2009

owl-city-ocean-eyes_gallery_primaryHands down, our favorite new artist of the Fall season is Owl City. We haphazardly came cross the title single “Fireflies” recently and swooned at the sound. While we originally thought the lead singer was Ben Gibbard of Deathcab for Cutie fame, we rightful admit we were wrong (though their voices are eerily similar).

Lead singer Adam Young’s newest album (and first official mainstream release) is creeping up the charts and definitely finding an audience. Check out the full album Ocean Eyes available on iTunes. While the lyrics are a bit quirky and leave you thinking what did he just say?, it’s perfect for those days when you want some mellow, slightly eclectic tunes to be the soundtrack to your day.

Want to listen before you buy? Check out the Owl City official Website to hear the tunes in their entirety. Also, checkout the official tour schedule to see if Owl City will be coming to a city near you. Unfortunately for us, the SF show at Slim’s in October is sold out – boo hiss!

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  1. ANG* says:

    i totally thought the same thing when i heard it on the radio! so the album is worth downloading then huh? love fun new music! 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    Oooh I love that song! It reminds me a bit of a much happier interpretation of old school Postal Service… And they’re performing in Boston TONIGHT but I can’t go!! Sadness.

  3. mdono615 says:

    my favorites (in addition to Fireflies) are also The Saltwater Room and West Coast Friendship. i cannot get enough of this guy right now!!

  4. Christina says:

    obsessed! btw – did you know adam plays ALL the instruments? it’s a one man show! even more awesomenesssss

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