playing favorites 12: kate spade saturday

May 7, 2013

playing favorites: kate spade saturday

Have you guys all checked out the new line by Kate Spade, Saturday? I personally hadn’t had a chance really until recently and I am in love with all the playful options for both clothing, accessories and home.

I’ve got my eye on this dress with cute cut-outs, this dress that is perfect for weekends,  this colorful skirt, and these high-waisted shorts in orange. Not to mention the four items above/below. Wow, that’s a long list! 🙂 Thankfully though the line is well-priced so you’ll most likely see me sporting some Saturday on several days of the week!

  1. Shirtail skirt in windowpane
  2. Shape-Shifter dress 
  3. Pillow cover
  4. Wooden nesting bowls

[Note this is not a sponsored post, I really just love it!] [Set created with Polyvore.]

5 comments on “playing favorites 12: kate spade saturday”

  1. Those nesting bowls are so cute & I love the cut-outs on the dress!
    Kayla.So in love with this line! I posted on it a few weeks back and haven’t checked in since – love that LBD!

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