A Playlist for the New Year

January 17, 2018

Camel Coat I wit & whimsy

Happy Wednesday you guys! Sharing a more casual outfit today in an effort to capture a bit more of what my everyday style has been looking like of recent.

Camel Coat & Cable Knit Sweater I @meghandono

I wanted to chat a little about tunes today! Do you guys listen to a lot of music? I used to rely on it for my commute and for getting through the work day but I fell out of the rhythm when I started working for myself. It wasn’t until I was fully in the holiday spirit with Christmas music playing non-stop last month that I realized I kind of missed having it play a part in my days!

Camel Coat I wit & whimsy

Saying this makes me feel old, but I feel like since I don’t hear what’s playing on the radio (that car-less life!), I don’t have a daily commute to listen to music on and I’m rarely on Spotify, I’ve lost touch with what’s popular or trending. That being said, I always love a good pump-up playlist so at the onset of the year I thought I’d ask the queen of playlists to make one for me that I would also share with you guys! Taylor truly makes the best playlists (I follow so many of hers on Spotify and they are always what I go to play on the ocassion that I do want some jams.) So VOILA! A 2018 wit & whimsy playlist to get you through the day. I hope you guys love it! (As an aside, I still listen to Cut to the Feeling on repeat when I in need of a pick me up – I cannot get enough of that song!)

Gold Nike Sneakers I wit & whimsy

And a moment for these shoes! They were in yesterday’s post in black but when I spotted this color I had to have them! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worn through a pair of these in black and in gray and I just love how easy they are to slip on and off to run around down or for wearing with a more casual outfit like this one.

Camel Coat on Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy

Anyhow, in 2018 I hope to get back to using music as a greater motivator. Do you guys use music this way? Have any favorite artists I should check out as I try to get back into a little music every day!? Would love any suggestions!

Camel Coat I Club Monaco I wit & whimsy

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! Mine has been a bit insane so I’m already in a “is it Friday yet?” kind of place. Anyone feel me on that?!

Demylee Sweater (similar style) // Coat (also love this one!) // Jeans // Sneakers // Bag // Sunglasses

p.s. My 2017 year in review & a cozy cardigan with a velvet cami.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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  1. Taylor says:

    Hooray for hot jams of 2018! On the real though, I find this sneaker-and-denim pairing inspirational as I struggle to figure out which jeans look okay with my kicks and which make me look like an Easy Spirit commercial from the 90s! Methinks it is all this color coordination that helps. CHIC! xx

    • Meghan says:

      Thank you again for the playlist and YAY for style inspo! Glad you found it helpful. Totally hear you on how some sneaker styles elicit that feeling!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Morning Meghan,
    I have always used music as my “mood setter”, all genres, all day. Chris makes some of the best playlists, but I am looking forward to checking out this one you have shared. I’m sure it will brighten my day. I am traveling back to chgo from CO today. Always hard to leave the mtns. Thx for giving me something to enjoy along the way.
    When not listening to music, my other ‘travel companion’ is a great podcast. Always looking for new recommendations there too.

    And I can’t wait to hear about this coat in tomorrow’s post. Looks so lovely on you. Ive been looking for one similar for awhile. I’ve akready looked up the one mentioned from Club Monaco.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  3. Kate says:

    I love seeing other people’s mixes & what they’re listening to! Always a great chance to find something new. I used to be SO INTO finding the latest and coolest indie bands etc when I was in my 20’s but definitely got away from that the older I got. Part of it’s because I care less what’s “cool” and I used to use music to sort of define
    who I was which I don’t so much now. That said, the last year or two I have been putting more of an effort to listen to Spotify at work and have a couple of playlists I check out regularly that update weekly (New Music Friday and Ultimate Indie) to help keep me in the loop. Some of my favorites right now are Otis Junior (check out “4 Us” but the whole album is great), Khalid (“Location” and “Hopeless”), Bahamas (“Way With Words “), St. Vincent (“New York”) and Portugal the Man (“Feel It Still”) – oh and also “Havana” by Camila Cabello as a guilty pleasure! Haha and loving that Cardi B & Bruno Mars collab on your playlist! It’s so fun!

    • Meghan says:

      Ooo good to know about New Music Fridays!! Thank you so much for these suggestions as I’m definitely going to look up each of them! So glad you liked the playlist!!

  4. Claire says:

    Love this look! So elegant and comfy. You prove that I need me some winter camel in my wardrobe. Music inspiration for me lately has been working out and cleaning the house to 80s classic rock. The playlists are predictable but oh so fun. It’s hard to feel fatigued and overwhelmed during Eye of the Tiger. Feel like a whole new woman with the Heart and Blondie hits. Get those hands up during Toto’s Africa. Genuine happy tears form when the time of your life song from Dirty Dancing plays. Enjoy your much earned weekend!

    • Meghan says:

      SO MUCH YES to Toto’s Africa! My BFF and I used to play that on repeat and belt it out when we lived together in SF! I am going to take inspo from you and play this genre next time I need to clean up my apartment!

  5. Ginny says:

    I bought the same coat from Club Monaco in black, and love it. I tried to get the camel one but it’s sold out now. Any recommendations for something similar? Specifically I want a longer coat that will completely cover my knee-length skirts.

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