Pop goes Essie! Spring color collection is full of delight.

February 23, 2010

It usually doesn’t take more than bright florals and darling espadrilles to get us excited for Spring, but we got an added dose of Spring fever when we gave Essie’s latest color collection a spin at the nail salon the other week.

Inspired by a palette of pop art, Essie’s Spring 2010 collection is bursting with high-spirited shades of cool and calming yet fresh and sultry colors.

Editor Andrea wore Van-Dgo on her nails for a week and it was great with her darker skin tone. With just the right hint of peach, this color will be a go-to for all ladies vacationing come Spring. (Andrea also declared herself a total convert to Essie now – having once been an OPI faithful!)

Pop Art Pink is too cute for words. We had it adorning our fingernails after a little afternoon manicure where even the manicurists were ooo’ing and aah’ing at the new color. It’s delightful just as the weather begins to warm up.

Tart-Deco is just what the doctor ordered for a Spring pedicure. It’s like fruit punch for your nails!

Neo-Whimsical is a more sultry take on the purple nail that was popular in Fall. Perfectly lightened for the change of seasons.

Where Spring meets sass in Red Nouveau.

A girlfriend of ours had this Lilacism on in New York and it was so bright, fresh and unusual. Loved it!

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photos courtesy of Essie

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