Pretty Grunge

January 10, 2011

Silence + Noise blouse, 7 for All Mankind shorts, Ecote jacket, Cynthia Rowley tights, Kimichi Blue pumps, J.Crew socks, Anthropologie necklace, vintage ring, Lauren Merkin clutch.

If you’re a regular w&w reader you know that contributing writer Andrea and I share pretty much our entire wardrobes. So imagine our slight (read: large) thoughts of separation anxiety when it comes to clothes once I make my move to New York. Quelle horreur, I know! So, naturally, I’ve been getting my fill by mixing up pieces from our closet even more than usual and nothing calls for more fun with layering then chilly times like we’ve been having in San Francisco (I say “chilly” when everyone else would think “brisk”). Plus, I’ve been wanting to do the whole denim shorts over tights thing for quite some time now, too. Andrea gave an old pair of her jeans a new life when she cut them into these little guys.

And, I just have to say a big “Go Ducks” for my friend Mary. So sad they lost tonight, but on a great note, she got to become an aunt today, too so overall still a beautiful day 🙂

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  1. BEE says:

    Love the socks and tights combination!! I hope you have bought lots of warm winter coats and goodies for your move, sounds like you will need it! Can’t wait to see your winter posts once you settle in…

  2. OnTheRacks says:

    Love this look! Adorable as always. I am all for the shorts with tights thing, too. You may have to layer on like three more pairs of tights for this to work in NY next month though!! 🙂

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