Purposful Pilates

March 11, 2009

I’m going to pilates tonight (yay!) and have been looking forward to it all day. Unlike yoga, pilates features more intense positions and holds and, while no less important, it is less focused on rhythm & soft movements like its counterpart yoga.

There’s something about the exercise that I just find so invigorating. It pulls me together, gets me concentrated and always makes me feel productive (not like those nights spent at the gym when you feel as though you didn’t accomplish anything- those are the worst!) I love that pilates stretches me out, works my core and overall gives me this calming feeling that can carry me through the week.

If you belong to a gym that offers pilates classes, I highly recommend going. There’s also so many great props to use in class now also that keeps things interesting and at a high-level of fitness. Plus, if that doesn’t convince you, you should know that many celebs like Jada Pinkett Smith, Ashley Olsen & Jennifer Aniston swear by pilates for their toned bods. So even while some may call it a fad, I call it fab-u-lous.

And my new favorite workout gear? Lululemon!

photo courtesy of Balanced Body

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