Q&A with a Beauty BFF: Jenn Falik!

May 20, 2010

We’ve been a fan of hers for some time now and if it’s possible, she’s only gotten more fabulous and darling. We’re talking about style and beauty expert, Jenn Falik.
WIT & Whimsy did a Q&A with Jenn to get the scoop on some of her favorite brands, trends and the fabulous projects she has going on now. Check it out below! We have a feeling by the end of it you’ll be loving her just as much as us!
1. How did you start your career?
My background is in PR- and as a publicist, or at least to be a good publicist, you need to think like a journalist and constantly be on the lookout for trends and unique angles. So much of my job was spent reading the trades, scouring magazines, scoping out stores, doing market research whenever and wherever I could find inspiration to develop trend stories that I would then pitch out. I loved the market work so much, and noticed that I definitely had a natural knack for finding cool items- most notably, items that made it possible to look polished with minimal effort. So instead of just sharing the fruits of my scouting labor with my friends, I decided to package myself as a Style & Beauty Expert and share my finds with anyone and everyone who would listen!
2. Tell us about your new project, Beauty BFF!
Beauty BFF is a 28 episode series on MSN Lifestyle where I literally open up my industry rolodex and my personal makeup bag to share tips from my favorite experts, my favorite trends and tricks and the products that I swear by. Viewers will come along with me as I learn to master things like the perfect blowout with Oscar Blandi and the ultimate at-home manicure with Essie Weingarten- and I hope that after each episode they feel a little more in-the-know when it comes to the potentially overwhelming ever-expanding world of beauty.
3. What’s your favorite part about what you do?
I love getting to meet the people behind the brands I love, and discovering new brands that I am sure to love. I am so inspired by the passion of entrepreneurs and the amazing innovations that develop- and likewise, the kindness I have seen from some of the biggest names in the beauty biz is always so refreshing. And because I have the ability to give these brands national exposure on-air, they tend to tell me lots of cool stuff and stories behind products that I may never have discovered otherwise- and even better than that, I get to share it with women all over the country.  I love having the inside scoop.
4. What are the top three beauty products you can recommend for w&w readers to use this summer?
Blow Hair Care Faux Dry dry shampoo Why wash your hair when you don’t absolutely have to? A couple spritzes of this totally refreshes your style- and hair holds style better when it hasn’t been washed for a few days anyway.
Jouer Blush in Blossom Everyone is so bronzer obsessed, especially in the summer, we tend to forgot about blush. This peachy coral is the best way to brighten up your face and makes your faux tan glow (it better be faux!) look even more radiant.
Nars Eye Shadow Stick in Goddess I loved Blake Lively’s makeup at the Met Gala, and when I found out her eyes were done completely with this shadow stick, I had to have one immediately and have used it ever since. It gives this amazing glow that brightens up your eyes instantly- and you can go as subtle or as dramatic as you want when layering the product on. I make sure to massage some into the sides of my nose just by the inner corner of my eyes for extra illumination.
5. Favorite stores at which to shop?
I do most of my shopping online- usually through ShopItToMe.com because it is completely edited with the stuff I want, all on sale. Right now I am obsessed with J. Crew, ShopBop, Piperlime (amazing selection of J Brands, my favorite) and for jewelry- all about Dannijo. The damage I could do on their website- it can get ugly…
6. What do you predict as being the biggest Fall trends when it comes to women’s apparel?
Lots of leather, and capes. I am already getting excited about purchasing some fabulous “lady-who-lunches meets outdoor sportsman” style number. And for beauty- the matte orange-y lip sounds daunting but could be fun- and the over the top dramatic eye is also kind of exciting to look forward to.
To hear more for Jenn you must be sure to follow her on Twitter as she shares great tips, asks for ideas for certain tv segments she’s putting together and all around is just fun to tweet with! You can also check out Jenn’s Favorite Finds which we love having on our RSS feed subscriptions.

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