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May 11, 2017

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I have now been doing my reader survey for three years and I always look forward to it because not only do you guys give great, constructive feedback and ideas but also because going through your answers makes my heart really happy. I’m so aware that this blog would be nothing without my readers and whenever I “chat” with you guys and hear from you I am so elated with how wonderful you are. I do truly feel blessed for each and every one of you. And to those of you who took precious time out of your day to share your thoughts and complete the survey – please accept my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. It meant a lot!

Like I did last year, I wanted to put together all the feedback I got into one post to share back with you guys as a way of acknowledging I heard what you shared and also how I’ll be looking to improve where necessary.

Content Preferences:

Personal style + outfit posts, lifestyle related posts (such as workout, career, wellness related posts) and the weekly roundups are far and away your favorite content. Within the outfits you’d like more variety in terms of styling ideas so I’ll be sure to be more aware of that when drafting accompanying copy. Beauty (reviews are important to you guys and the new structure of the monthly Beauty Edits seem to be well liked) and shopping recommendations are a very close runner ups to those followed by Travel and Witty Conversation posts.

The great news is it seems you all generally like the current mix of content but I hear you when you said you’d like more lifestyle and more Q&As. Loud and clear! (Just did a career-related one in case you missed it.) Interestingly, in the comments several of you noted you like more of my “conversational” or “real” posts (such as my post A Voice earlier this year) which I didn’t even give as an option for preferences so I’m super grateful to those of you that spoke to that. I’d like to do more posts like that (this is a more recent one) so I’m glad to know you like them. (Even though I generally hold my breath whenever I go to schedule “publish”!)

Finally, a lot of you mentioned how much you love seeing life in New York so I’ll work to do more posts around that (I love doing them!) Note that I added those posts to the bottom of my Guide to NYC under ‘City Guides’!


You guys overall like the format of the site but pointed out the links can sometimes appear too light and therefore hard to recognize. There’s also been some site loading issues, the navigation could be improved and you’d like less photos within outfit posts. Roger that! (The last is a relief to me – ha!) I am planning to embark on somewhat of a re-design so I appreciate that you guys let me know what you liked + what you thought could be improved. I was surprised how many people are visiting the site daily just by typing the URL into your browsers! I don’t mention it a lot but in case you’d like to get new posts by email you can do that on the right site of the homepage under “Subscribe to Posts.” The emails are ugly and eventually I’ll get that updated (:)) but it is an option in case you’d like to do that! You can also subscribe via Bloglovin’.


It was so helpful to hear what you guys like / don’t like on Instagram Stories + Snapchat! I’ll plan to continue to operate the way I have on both (generally) which means pretty things and daily snaps into my life on Instagram Stories and overall whatever-I-am-thinking-at-the-moment / less curated moments on Snapchat. That being said you guys want more sharing so I’ll work on that! You specifically asked for more of my daily life in NYC, new discoveries that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post, what I’m getting in the mail and what I’m wearing day to day. More of the overall day to day / behind the scenes which sometimes I’m too busy to do but I hope to do more of in the future! On the days I’m sharing a lot I always LOVE interacting with those of you replying to me – makes me feel energized and it feels like a treat to feel in conversation with you all!

Shopping Preferences:

First and foremost I love how much you guys love the weekly roundups! They are truly my favorite posts to put together every week so thanks for loving them :). You seem to appreciate the mix of what I’m doing/what I’m reading and what clothing/beauty/home products I’m linking to. As for the shopping items you’d like more options under $100 (remember I also look to try and keep this updated!) but also noted that price matters most depending on what the item is. (i.e; several of you noted you’re willing to spend more on a bag or a coat but less on tops and jeans.) Additionally your favorite places to shop are all very similar: Banana Republic, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Gap, Old Navy, LOFT and Lululemon. I hope to scour these all more often for good finds for you guys!

Post Ideas:

There were some great requests for post ideas that I’ll try and work on getting into my editorial calendar. A few notable ones included: how to wear one item multiple ways (many of you asked for this!), more career advice, insights into living in New York and also on moving to New York (whoever said they are thinking of moving here and nervous you might not fit in…EMAIL ME!! Let’s talk!!) and more on body confidence / fitness. I’m excited to work on ALL of these and actually the moving to New York one is coming next week – woot!

And there you have it! Thanks so much to all of you guys who allow wit & whimsy to be a part of your day. I love this community we’ve built and I can’t wait to see what is to come!

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