Seasonal Skincare Changes

November 7, 2017

How to transition your skincare for winter

Well gals, we’ve reached that time of year where the skin under my eyes, my nose and my chin are dry and flaky and that must mean winter is around the corner. I’ve watched my skin change over the years and these dry patches are a more recent development in my older age. It has demanded that I switch up my skincare routine seasonally so in today’s post I’m sharing ways to transition your skin to help hydrate and ensure glow-y skin despite the dry air and cooler temperatures.

Moisturize in the morning and night.

For years I didn’t use a moisturizer in the morning. I thought my skin wasn’t in need but boy was I wrong. My skin behaves so much better when I apply a light moisturizer in the morning. My favorite one of many years is this one but I also really have been loving this one, too. (I always opt for a morning moisturizer with SPF!) For nighttime I sub in a thicker one. I love this Darphin one (it feels so luxurious going on and after my first week of use I was actually in awe of how plump my skin looked in the mornings) and then this Shiseido one is also so, so good. I got it in May and am nearly out if that’s telling you anything! Another thing I learned from a dermatologist? Make sure you are applying moisturizer when skin is damp! So immediately following cleansing or your other skincare products.

Add a hydrating serum to your nighttime routine.

In recent weeks this Skinceuticals serum has proved to be worth every penny and a total game changer. Hyaluronic Acid is touted by dermatologists for its hydrating properties and I’ve noticed a major difference in how my skin reacts following regular use of this serum. Skin is more firm, lifted and plumped thanks to the added dose of hydration.

Try a moisturizing mask.

These babies can do wonders. Often I’ll do a clarifying or purifying mask (some of my favorites are included here) and then follow it up with a mask that I can count on to provide a heavy dose of hydration. As you may know, I love the Farmacy Honey Potion mask. It’s best at this time of year as it is slightly warming which feels oh-so-nice but the formula also is super hydrating. I also really love the Fresh rose mask because not only does it smell heavenly, it works to conquer dryness while also toning skin.

Learn to layer properly.

So many of my girlfriends when we talk about skincare say they don’t know how to do a proper skincare routine. I talk to them about the importance of layering products best for their skin type. And then when I saw this piece the other week I sent it to several friends! A good rule of thumb is to rely on textures and work from thinnest to thickest. (Although sometimes if my skin is super thirsty I will apply a face oil over a night cream!)

Opt for body oil.

Body oil can be scary because ain’t nobody want that all over your clothes or sheets but as someone who generally tends to hate body lotion (I have no idea why!?) I’ve become a convert of body oils provided they aren’t messy. The Malaya Organics Citrus body oil is SO nice. It’s not greasy or sticky and it absorbs quickly. It also smells heavenly and I love that it is a female-owned company out of Brooklyn! (When used in the summer after too much sun exposure, any sun burns basically were transformed overnight, too!) I also have a bottle from this French brand that I’ll rotate in on ocassion.

p.s. How to get super glowy skin and an anti-aging mask that’s so fun to use.

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  1. Ally Noriega says:

    Pretty post! Great tips!

  2. Ally Noriega says:

    Such a pretty post! Great tips!

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