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September 22, 2008

Following up on yesterday’s post of how to be a philanthropic WIT- especially during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month- here’s another great way to be fashionable while doing it!

ShopBop is now offering a line of adorable and chic tees. Designed by celebrities ranging from Cindy Crawford to Sophia Bush and Nicky Hilton, the best part of these t-shirts are that 50% of the profit will go to supporting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength (formerly Y-ME, an organization I personally love). The organization aims to ensure that no one enduring the battle of breast cancer will not have to do so alone.

Check out the whole line of tees here.

photos courtesy of ShopBop and Breast Cancer Network of Strength

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  1. Shea says:

    That’s great..! Shopbop has a nice collection of adorable and chic tees

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