A Skin Reset

May 26, 2016

A Skin Reset for Sensitive Skin

I don’t know about you but whenever I travel my skin tends to go a little crazy. Of course when we travel we’re off of our usual beauty regimens and I can’t bring all the products with me that I typically use when I’m at home.

In recent years my skin became very sensitive. I don’t know what caused the change but I do have to be more cautious of what I put on it. (I’ve had moments where I instantly breakout into a full red rash across my face and neck upon trying a new product – yikes!)

So whenever I come back from a trip – and especially one as long as two weeks – I practice a “skin reset.” I book myself a facial (inclusive of necessary extractions) and then I minimize the products I’m putting on my face. It’s a way to help get my skin back on track.

Next, enter: JASÖN Gentle Basics. This line is formulated with a minimal number of ingredients so it is ideal for ultra-sensitive and dry skin (which mine still is following winter.) There are no harsh, synthetic chemicals but rather Borage Oil which hydrates and can even calm common skin conditions.

When I returned from France I set my sights on a regimen that would get my skin back into a good place. No trying new face masks, no new cleansers, no testing of any kind for the blog but rather a regimen of Gentle Basics for a week to get my skin back in a good place. (I bought a new serum in Paris I’ve been dying to try but NOPE – put myself on a strict regimen.)

In the morning I’d begin by using the Facial Cleanser on dry skin (I’m a big proponent of dry cleansing.) Then I’d apply the Day Lotion before putting on any makeup. The lotion is lightweight and great under makeup or on its own for no-makeup days.

Then at night and before workouts, I’d use the Facial Cleansing Towelettes to remove makeup and before bed I’d slater my face in the Night Cream which worked to soothe and hydrate my skin over night so I woke up looking more refreshed and smooth.

After the week was over my skin felt so much better than it had while on the road and it’s a practice I’m going to be putting into place after trips to allow my skin to heal from the damage that happens while traveling (dirt/pollution/too much sun!)

Do you ever do a skin reset? If so, how?!

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  1. Merritt Beck says:

    Traveling definitely can set my skin off and cause me to break out! I think it’s a lot about being in different climates but also how dry the planes are! But after big travels I always have to take a week off of makeup and really focus on my skin care a lot more carefully!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

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