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February 12, 2016

Oil Cleansing 101

Happy Friday, all! My normal weekly roundup Friday post is gonna hit your browser at 7AM tomorrow as after my post on Monday I got some great questions from you guys on skincare that I wanted to take time to answer. They included things like…Who is my dermatologist? Where do I get my facials? Why do I recommend dry cleansing? Can I provide more details on using cleansing oils? So here I am again to answer all the questions! (Side note: Keep ’em coming! Emails from readers in my inbox are pretty much the best thing ever!)

Who is my dermatologist?

I see Dr. Meryl Joerg at Advanced Dermatology. She’s all business and has been life-changing for my skin. Two of my best friends started seeing her and they too have had great results in clearing up their skin.

Where do I get my facials?

I go to Mario Badescu. Not spa-like, rather very clinical. Highly, highly recommend. (And if they suggest it…definitely get the Vitamin C add-on mask during your treatment. It is only offered on premises and I always get it.)

Why do you recommend dry cleansing?

Applying your cleanser directly to dry skin can allow for deeper cleaning and better removal of dirt and oil. I also found it so great in changing the texture of my skin. It made it feel squeaky clean and so soft. I noticed results after several weeks of dry cleansing and consider it one of my top 10 beauty discoveries of last year. Remember though that every cleanser is formulated differently and some are formulated to be activated by water, so check your label or ask your dermatologist.

Can you talk more about cleansing oils?

Several people inquired about this noting they suffer from clogged pores and oily skin so the idea of putting oil voluntarily onto their skin sounded weird and somewhat terrifying. I had this same thought at first (I have combination skin) but basically cleansing oils, when you wash them off, they take the bad oil with it. Proper cleansing oils will pull out the dirt and remove your makeup without clogging your pores. The Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil I mentioned on Monday is stellar because it is 100% natural and also has coconut and argan oils making it very hydrating. I love it because you apply it to your dry skin (hooray! It really gets me!) and leaves your skin feeling uber clean yet soft and hydrated. It also won’t leave you with a residue like some cleansers formulated with oil that I’ve tried in the past.


Got any more questions? Email me (, tweet me @meghandono or comment below and I’ll get back to you in short-order!

Thanks to Burt’s Bees for partnering on this post.

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