October 31, 2011


In the past couple of years I’ve become much more of a skirt gal. I’ve bought more of them than dresses at times and am already thinking of ways to make them transitional this season (like with these tights). I’ve been finding loads of inspiration to do just that on Pinterest of recent – such as pairing a cozy cable knit sweater with a more lady like skirt, a leather jacket with a pop of color kind of skirt or a bold skirt with a crisp, collared button down.

What do you think? Skirt vs. Dress?


 photos via pinterest

7 comments on “skirting”

  1. I’m totally a dress person, but I’ve been finding myself looking at more skirts. I just bought a coral colored pleated short skirt from J.Crew and I want to wear it everywhere. No matter what–dresses or skirts, what I love most is that they’re totally transitional and you can wear them with tights and booties.


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