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May 11, 2015

wit & whimsy I denim and camo

It’s a new week and there’s so much going on! I’m heading to Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight, seeing a Broadway show later this week and getting in my last couple of runs before this Saturday’s attempt at my first half marathon. My training has been rough to say the least. My hamstring has been causing so many issues in my right leg which has caused me to not be able to get up to the mileage required so I’m going into Saturday going to give it my best shot and knowing I may need to walk part – that’s all I can hope for! (Right? Please tell me I’m right!)

wit & whimsy I spring sneakers

camo + denim I wit & whimsy

The injury has also had me in flats for the majority of this spring as heels put too much pressure on my leg muscles. So sneakers are my new BFF. These fun pink Sperrys are great for adding a pop of color to a more neutral outfit (they also come in several other cute colors.) I’ve actually been having to go to physical therapy at least twice a week to have them work on my leg – my hamstring has been bringing up soreness and pain in my hip flexors, my knee and my shin so I think I’ve decided I’m not cut out for distance running (to say the least) but here’s hoping I can check this whole half marathon thing off my “Before I’m 30” Bucket List! In the meantime, I’m listening to my therapist about sticking to flats vs. heels (insert audible sigh of frustration here.)

If you’re in the market, I’ve rounded up loads of great sneakers for this season at the bottom of this post- how good are these? I just bought these, also.

spring sperry sneakers I wit & whimsy

My weekend was productive and restful – exactly what I needed after a few wild weekends of travel and responsibilities. I did massive amounts of cleaning and reorganizing of my room which was so needed and I did my best to unplug. I find that so hard to do these days. How do you best find time for peace and quiet?

meghan donovan I spring sperry sneakers

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meghan donovan I styling denim and camo I wit & whimsy

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  1. Taylor Booth says:

    Remember that once you are in decent shape, running long distances is almost entirely mental! I’m running BK this weekend as well and have also been unable to train properly due to a pulled muscle, but keep reminding myself that the body – even when injured and tooootally unprepared for 13 miles (mine, at least!) – is much, much stronger than the mind will ever allow you to believe. The last few miles are brutal (for anyone), and you will try to convince yourself a hundred times over that you need to stop, but that’s when you start running from the heart. Crossing the finish line is one of the best feelings in the world, it will all be worth it!! Plus, you will be running on adrenaline and the excitement surrounding the event is incredible. Good luck!

    • Meghan says:

      Taylor – this is SO inspiring! Thank you SO much. I hope you have a great race as well. I am so nervous but will keep this mental attitude and so appreciate the uplifting words.

  2. Maddy says:

    I love this outfit! You’re definitely pulling off the camo pants, and the pop of pink gives it that fun spring touch.

    Agreed with the above – running is in large part mental! And also, there’s no shame in walking. Come hell or high water, I know you’ll finish this weekend – even if you have to walk a bit, you’re still doing more mileage than most people attempt! Just remember that. 😉 And good luck!

  3. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love those shoes!!!!!!!!

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