Styling a Bomber Jacket

January 11, 2017

Everlane Bomber Jacket

Styling a Bomber Jacket

Real talk: The first outfit photos of the new year are always pretty brutal to get through. Given I take the last two weeks of December off from any outfit photos and spend most of that time in leggings and sweaters, pulling myself together and having my photos taken in cold temperatures upon my return to New York each year feels torturous – ha! Not to mention the amount of indulgent eating and drinking that took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas…

…let’s just say my clothes have felt better on before 😉 – anyone feel me!?

Plaid Scarf and Bomber Jacket
Everlane Bomber Jacket - wit & whimsy

I ended up choosing the easiest outfit ever – favorite jeans (you guys loved them, too!), a tee and this cozy bomber jacket that I love as an added layer under a larger winter coat this time of year.  The fabric of this bomber is insane. Everlane calls it “street fleece” and describe it as a 100% cotton sweatshirt bonded to a neoprene-like lining. It ends up with this warm yet structured feel and I love the sporty style it has with the relaxed fit.

While I styled it here with jeans, I actually think it would be super cool with a more athleisure look if you were going from a workout class and then off to brunch on the weekends. At just $75 it’s well worth it and also comes in navy and a cool gray shade, too. (They also make a dressier version which I saw a girl wearing at an event and it looked awesome on!)

Easy Winter Style I wit & whimsy

Ann Taylor Plaid Scarf and Everlane Bomber Jacket

Last year I was so happy when the bomber jacket returned to the scene and am thankful it is sticking around! I mean how cute is this one for Spring!? It would be darling paired with a springtime frock. A lot of designers are making super expensive versions but I found some great ones priced almost all under $100. This style is such a good way to mix up your routine when it comes to outfit toppers this time of year.

In unrelated news, my dry January has continued me on a streak of movie-going and last night I saw Manchester by the Sea and woah, you guys is that movie h-e-a-v-y. I didn’t know the plot going in so consider this a warning. Have you guys seen it?

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Everlane Bomber Jacket (wearing a M, c/o) // Jeans (last seen here) // Cuyana Bag (c/o) // Ann Taylor scarf (sold out; similar one from Target here) // Tee // Booties

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  1. Diana Pearl says:

    I so feel you on the leggings! It is so hard for me to get ready in the morning in anything other than pixie pants + a big sweater. I’m just so cold! Love this jacket, though! Can’t wait until it’s a little warmer and I can wear something besides a big puffer, haha.

    • Meghan says:

      Pixie pants are a great standby for sure!! And I hear you on the jackets! I’ve been layering smaller jackets of mine so I can avoid my puffer whenever possible HA!

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