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December 18, 2008

God knows we’re right in the thick of it: Holiday Party Season!
I celebrated with the girls earlier this week, tonight I celebrate with my boyfriend and tomorrow night with all the colleagues that I adore. We all know what comes with each of those also: cocktails, appetizers, party dresses and all around merriment- love it! Downside? I must get through the holidays without coming out looking like a whale. So what’s a WIT to do?
The answer, I feel, is: to think. Think about everything you consume. Think about what you want to eat for the day. Think about how what you put in your mouth could very well come out on your hips. Leave it to Real Simple to give us WITs some tips and tricks. Their recommendations include:

Order a small serving size
Even if you’re full, you’ll probably eat it if it’s in front of you. So don’t over-estimate your hunger- just always order small.

Skip add-ons
You don’t need chicken or shrimp in the salad or in the pasta. Chances are you wouldn’t miss it if you didn’t think it was an option. So save yourself the calories and sodium and just pretend you were never given the choice!

Too hungry or Too full?
Don’t let is happen! This is where small meals throughout the day can really help. When you’re starving, you’ll over eat to try and compensate. So stay full with snacks like this. When you’re too full, you’ll miss out on dishes or tastes that could have been so eat smart!

Other techniques I recommend?
Say no to bread
In the end, it’s really not your friend. Yes, it tastes incredible, but when around others we often take external cues (like we wrote about here) and eat things because others are. SO not necessary!

All calories count
Even if they’re liquid- calories add up- and quickly! When choosing a cocktail, choose wisely. Remember that they often contain more calories than a WIT could ever imagine so remember that clear cocktails are usually better for you. Oh and anything made with dairy? Stay away!

Need other ways to motivate yourself? Check this book out. You’ll love and hate it at the same time, but it’s totally worthwhile.

Now eat (carefully), drink (semi-moderatly) and be very merry!

photos courtesy of Rachel Ray & Real Simple

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