Sweet Strawberry Treat

May 14, 2009

berries_300I love this time of year because all the fruit I find completely delicious is at its prime! In particular, I think I could eat berries for the rest of my life and not get sick of them. I love them with my frozen yogurt, with granola & yogurt or even just plain!

But when it comes to getting strawberries to transform into a dessert, we have a succulent secret to share! (Aren’t you ladies lucky?!) Our roomie, Andrea, taught us it actually. But here goes…

The next time your sweet tooth comes a knockin’ slice up some strawberries and serve them up with a side of brown sugar! Sounds simple, because it is- all you do is dip them in the brown sugar. But it is so delicious, you have no idea! It’s the perfect treat or dessert- the perfect combination of sugar and healthy fruit (and way better for you than strawberries & whipped cream!)

photo courtesy of Real Simple

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  1. wine journal says:

    I love fresh fruit and can’t think of a much better dessert than fresh strawberries and cream.

    • mdono615 says:

      yes! but the brown sugar is such a great alternative to cream. we’re totally in love with the combo 🙂

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