Over Thanksgiving I was cleaning out my childhood room and found so many laughs as I re-discovered a discman, a giant speaker set…and a Walkman even. How times have changed! My life truly has become so wireless it’s hard to imagine back to Double AA batteries, etc. Jabra asked me to test out their Soulmate […]



December 28, 2013

summer jams


June 29, 2011

  The past two Sundays I’ve gone for runs in Central Park and the motivation needed to do so is enormous, that’s for sure, but I’ve developed a stellar playlist that’s getting me through the runs and making them rather enjoyable, in fact. Best part? These jams are also great for the gym and commuting. […]

Summertime is great for so many reasons…cute, breezy dresses, ice cream, the Hamptons, birthdays (!) and, a personal favorite of mine, summer concerts. Personally, I’ve already got Two Door Cinema Club and Sara Bareilles teed up and I’m sure there are more where that came from and Lulu’s.com and I want to know who you’ll […]

$100 Lulu’s giveaway!


June 1, 2011

Can’t get enough…Taio Cruz


March 15, 2010

Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” featuring Ludacris has been in constant rotation on our iPod for quite some time now. Totally pumps us up for our trip to Vegas this weekend! Download it. Listen to it. We promise you’ll have it on repeat soon. Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris Subscribe to WIT […]

Our love for Leighton Meester is twofold: 1.) For being Blair Waldorff, headbands and all 2.) And for what was our summer anthem “Good Girls Gone Bad” with Cobra Starship Yesterday she released her new single featuring Robin Thicke – “Somebody to Love”. It’s a bit slower than we’d like but after listening to it […]

Leighton Meester's "Somebody to Love" ft. Robin Thicke…Love it or Hate it?


October 14, 2009

What's Your Summer Anthem?


July 15, 2009

We love ourselves some music, especially artist’s like Colbie Caillet as we previously posted about. Now that summer is in full swing, we’re waiting to see what the “official” anthem of the summer will be (we’re still rooting for Leighton Meester’s Good Girls Gone Bad!). In case you are looking for your own personal summer […]