Following the positive feedback shared with my Favorite Shoes and Favorite Jeans posts, I thought it high time to put together a post outlining my bag collection featuring my favorites and most worn bags.

Outfit Bash Blazer Celine Bag

My Bag Collection


February 7, 2023

Summer Shirt Dress

Things I’ll Be Wearing This Summer


June 23, 2022

Summer weather has definitely arrived here in New York and as I transitioned my closet over a few weeks ago I realized how many things I can’t wait to pull out this summer as social plans get more into full swing. The last two years I have done a really popular post about Things in […]

It’s time for another edition of Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently! As the weather shifted and my social calendar filled up with more plans, it’s been nice lately to have been shopping more for my closet vs. my home now that my apartment is officially finished!

Sweatshirt Dress and Denim Jacket

Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently


June 16, 2021