Take me out to the …ballgame!

April 19, 2009

tailgatingSo, as many of you may have guessed, I’m not the biggest sports fanatic in the world. While I come from a family drenched in soccer, lacrosse, volleyball & other athletic talents, I do not contribute when it comes to sports. Yes, I love to have a good workout, but to me the best part of athletics is the actual sporting events.

Why watch a forever long golf match or baseball game with even longer commercials & time outs when you can make it a social experience?! I’m headed to AT&T Park tomorrow here in San Francisco for my university’s alumni Giants game. Now this is the kind of sports I like- it involves socializing and tailgating. So much more up my alley 🙂

While sports were designed to build leadership & teamwork, I believe they were also designed to be enjoyed as spectators which is why you won’t find me watching ESPN at any point (unless it’s against my own will), but rather getting my dose of the action when it’s live and unfolding in front of your eyes. College football? Absolutely there if it’s in person (Go FIGHTING IRISH! – or USC if I’m being a good girlfriend!) Soccer? Sure, if my brother is playing. Baseball? Totally- I love myself some good beers & hot dogs.

notre-dame-tee1So when it comes to sports, I’m all about playing them if it’s casual & with a bunch of friends or when I’m watching the action in a cute outfit that fits the particular occassion (but of course)

What are your thoughts on sports? Fan or fanatic? Casually or crazily?

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