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January 13, 2015


In my late 20s I started to become what I would describe as a “high maintenance sleeper.” I distinctly remember making fun of one of my siblings for having to sleep with an eye mask, earplugs & complete darkness but then as I got older the same started happening to me! I was traveling with a sleep mask + earplugs at all times and even began wearing these every flight I took. Someone actually commented on a plane to me last year, “my you must be a frequent traveler.” I nearly replied “I’m that and exhausted and impatient and therefore lug all this stuff everywhere in seeking some shut eye” but I refrained.

To rewind a bit, I’ve tried sleep masks (purchased 2 in the past year in search of the perfect one) and was horrified when they stained my linens. I mean my god, what’s the point of having a sleep mask help you achieve better rest only to awake with blue stains all over your pillowcases? (Seriously, oh the horror and it is worse when it happens when you are sleeping on someone else’s linens like at my parents which then had my mom and I frantically trying to stain treat her white sheets…le sigh.) Anyhow of note, I do not recommend the sleep masks from Flight 001 or Brookstone.

So at a recent brunch I saw Hitha of Hitha on the Go aka queen of travel and great product recos so I asked her what brand of sleep masks she’d recommend and without hesitation she declared, “Perpetual Shade!” I connected with the owner & founder, Sasha and she was kind enough to send me one of her beautiful sleep masks and there’s no turning back for me now (in fact, I feel like I want one in every beautiful color!) I’ve been sleeping with one of her silk masks (pictured) and am so thrilled with it.

Do yourself a favor and buy one of Sasha’s and be comforted that you won’t have any drama associated with your sleep (not that I can make you rid of nightmares…I really should watch less Law & Order SVU…)

Overall though the value of sleeping with a sleep mask will bring you better sleep I’ve found. It allows you to fall asleep faster so you’re not distracted by lights on clocks or cell phones and it also will enable you to sleep in later not being bothered by light streaming in through the shades. I especially find sleep masks of the utmost comfort on flights so I can tune out light + sound.

After experiencing some blissful sleep with my new sleep mask I asked Sasha to answer a few questions for this week’s The Beauty Edit:

What inspired you to start Perpetual Shade?

I’ve always had issues sleeping and never found a mask that was comfortable. The sleep masks on the market were restricting and tight against my head, making it very hard to fall asleep. I decided to create my own mask by swapping out the thin elastic band with a thicker, softer band. After many requests from friends and family for their own masks, I created Perpetual Shade.

What mask is your personal favorite?

My most favorite sleep mask is the black velvet!

Any recommendations on sleep?

Great sleep starts when you wake up. I meditate every morning for 20 minutes- this helps me focus and relax during the day. Stress is a huge factor of bad sleep. The more relaxed you are during the day, the easier it will be to fall asleep. Regular exercise help de-stress and relax your body, leading to better sleep. I attend a Refine Method class at least twice a week-I’m addicted! If all else fails, I drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed, throw on my sleep mask and pass out!

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