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January 20, 2015


This past year I experienced my first bout of dry skin. In previous years I’ve had oily skin and therefore steered clear of moisturization of any kind. But given the winter conditions and skin being exposed to cold temperatures and wild wind, I thought for today’s The Beauty Edit I would share some of my favorite products that work to give your skin some much needed TLC in the dead of winter (Spring, are you here yet!?)

My favorite winter skin fixers:

  • Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil: Use at night (there’s a strong floral scent), preferably after showering and you’ll see rough patches on your elbows, heels, etc. disappear. Tata Harper’s entire line is actually wonderful using essential oils and organic ingredients. (I use this product nightly as well.)
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub: Eliminate chapped lips with this miracle scrub.
  • Clarisonic: If you don’t have one of these by now- you are missing out. This is the best decision I ever made for my skin. I use my Clarisonic nightly and it gently eliminates rough patches on my face while deep cleaning. It opens up your skin to have better penetration of the products you’re spending hard earned money on. If you’re curious about the investment, I highly suggest reading more about why sonic cleansing is so worthwhile.
  • Rodin Face Oil: This is a game changer. Not only is it a luxurious experience to put it on (don’t ask me why – it just feels so lovely) but it is a product that I wholeheartedly believe in. After using it for several months (in addition to some Rxs of course) I actually got compliments on my skin for the first time in my life. That in it of itself made me a believer that this stuff was worth its salt. Also, if you’re afraid of face oils if you have oily skin, don’t be. It’s a great hyrdrater to use before you go to bed. I swear by them when it comes to achieving dewy and even skin. (I also swear by this product by Rodin.)

For more on skin care, see my skin care essentials here. In the meantime…I’ll be working on scheduling a vacation somewhere warm…STAT!

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  1. Rose says:

    I love Tata Harper, I’ve used the body oil in the past but actually switched about a year and a half ago to using just coconut oil for body lotion. Definitely let it soak in and run a towel over any spots still oily before you get dressed, but it’s easy, simple and guilt-free since it’s literally ONE ingredient. I also love Marble & Milkweed for natural skincare 🙂 her serums are incredible!

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