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March 3, 2015


I’ve always loved the idea of having a signature scent. It seems like such a sophisticated thing and I remember being in high school and getting my first perfume…wait for it…it was Jessica McClintock. Yep. I’d read all about her dresses in magazines for years, gotten to don one for a homecoming dance and upon smelling it, I was hooked. Later I evolved my taste (thank god) and for the next several years I was all about Burberry Brit. To this day, the smell of that perfume takes me back to college and study abroad, in particular.

I love that scents have the ability to transport you back down memory lane. It’s why I consider my Grama’s last bottle of Chanel No. 5 to be one of my most treasured items (more on that here). One hint of that smell and I have so many fond memories that come flooding back.

Nowadays, I’m less about a signature scent and more about variety. I like to switch things up. My current favorites in rotation include: One // Two // Three

And recently, a new e-comm platform called Scentbird asked me to give them a test drive. You sign up by taking a quiz about your preferences and then you’ll be delivered personal recommendations. For only $14.95 you’ll get to choose from over 350 luxury scents (think Chloe, Gucci, Hermes, etc.) and you’ll be shipped an 8 ml spray shipped to you – it accounts for a 30 day supply.

My favorite part about Scentbird is that it comes in a travel-ready container. It’s not the most glamorous looking thing you’ve ever seen but given I always forget to pack perfume, it’ll travel well on my next trip.

What’s your favorite scent? Do you like to mix it up? Or stick to a signature perfume?

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  1. I work with a girl who always smells amazing. I told her that one day and she told me that she mixes scents – I was totally blown away by that. I can barely pick one! 😉

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