The Best Croissants in New York City

February 17, 2021

Best Croissants in New York City

After many decades of consuming croissants both in France and stateside, I consider myself a bit of a croissant connoisseur. I know how to spot a good one and I know when the baker has skipped the all-important and often labor intensive steps required to get a flaky, buttery, perfect croissant. 

After living in New York City for ten years and traveling around to many bakeries, I’ve tried a lot of this city’s croissants. Some bad, some awful, some a disgrace and some really quite good. Today I am sharing the best of the best around the city. Bookmark this post and report back as you try them!

The Best Croissants in New York City:


Their mini croissants are often served warm with butter and a spoon full of delicious French jam. It is one of my very favorite spots in the West Village.


This spot knows good croissants and word is out as the line on weekends is often down the block to get their famed almond croissants. All out of almond? You can’t go wrong with pain au chocolate, almond chocolate or a traditional croissant. Be warned though: They have a $10 credit card minimum.

Bien Cuit

Cobble Hill’s famed French bakery does great bread and that includes their assortment of croissants. They are a bit more toasty on the bake than I prefer but they still taste delicious.

La Mercerie

Enjoy croissants and an excellent coffee in gorgeous settings at this beautiful Soho cafe with a French chef and a beautiful store attached. The pain au chocolat are my croissant of choice at this spot.


Decadent croissants abound here. If you’re less of a traditionalist, try the Pistachio Cream Chocolate croissant.


This spot isn’t in the most desirable location but what it lacks in locale and charm it makes up for in traditional French baking. In 2018 they were voted best croissant in New York and it is easy to see why. 


You won’t be able to go into this spot as the delicious croissants are actually being baked out of the couple behind the brand’s own apartment kitchen! They started their business in 2020 and began delivering French baked goods around NYC and offering pickup outside their Cobble Hill apartment. Their business originally grew via ordering on Instagram but they just launched a brand new website and I promise you won’t be disappointed by anything on their menu! But especially do not miss the Everything Croissant (croissant a tout!) (The bread and cookies are also very worth it!)

Daily Provisions

Looking for a croissant unlike any other you’ve had? Look no further than Daily Provisions’ Everything Croissant. It’s perfectly baked and then filled with cream cheese. It is next level good when it comes to a savory croissant.


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  1. Rebecca Plotnick says:

    Such a great post! I have tried a few of these but there are also new ones on your list that I can’t wait to try on my next visit! Planning on sharing this post on Sunday. xo

  2. Larissa Albright says:

    Love this list, Meghan! Next time you’re on the UES, you’ve got to try Miss Madeleine. I discovered them by accident on a walk and their croissants are to die for! The perfect flake!

  3. Dina says:

    My favorite is Lafayette’s! They have an amazing coconut croissant, which I’ve never had anywhere else – definitely one of my favorite pastries in the city.

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