The Best Self Care Rituals You Can Do At Home

March 23, 2020

More time at home means more time to practice some self care rituals you’ve either disregarded due to being too busy or have never tried before. Pleased to be sharing a few of my favorite ways to practice self care with you guys today. Would love to hear your favorite self care products or rituals, too in the comments!

Face Masks. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new face mask. If you want inspo here are a few of my personal favorites. I’ve also been personally using this hydrating mask from Follain as an overnight treatment 2x per week to wake up with super plump skin.

Ice Roll. This inexpensive tool lifts and tightens and frankly feels amazing to use when you wake up in the morning after you cleanse.

Oil Cleanse. Using oil cleansers are my favorite way to remove dirt and grime and makeup following a long day. I love this Votary cleanser which is pricey but last so long. A less expensive one I also love is this one by One Love Organics. I recommend these muslin cloths for the optimal clean.

Take a hot bath. One of my personal favorite self care rituals is to take a hot bath. Some of my favorite products to put in the bath can be found here. I often listen to a Goop or Oprah’s Super Soul episode while I’m in the bath or lately I’ve been putting on meditation music in my Inscape app. It is an instant de-stresser.

Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is one of the best self care things you can do. I find my giant Nalgene bottle really helps with this. I try to drink at least two of these bottles a day. This little gadget helps, too.

Dry brush. If you don’t yet have a dry brush, I highly recommend one! It has benefits for your lymphatic system, softens skin and can improve cellulite. I have this one.

Workout from home and practice stretching. Avoiding the gym and group classes? Try working out at home! I’ve heard great things about both Obe Fitness and Melissa Wood Health’s at-home workouts. And as we all start to spend more time sitting at home, don’t forget the benefits of stretching. Here are some good ones to do.

Whiten your teeth. I love Crest Whitestrips and have been using them for years. I just did a tune up with them last week while I had the time to remember to do so.

Try a scalp scrub. You guys know how much I love the Christophe Robin salt scalp scrub and now is the perfect time to try one. It’s such a luxurious product and DermStore carries the mini size which is under $20! You’ll get plenty of uses out of this size and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it.

Do some eye masks. The Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks are so great for giving your delicate under eye area some TLC. And I recently got a sample of the new Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive mask and I love it. My eye area after testing it for two weeks felt more firm and smoother.

Try a foot mask. There’s never been a better time to do one of those acid foot masks that sheds all your dead skin. Normally these are a pain because your feet get really ugly before they get all smooth but now that we’re all at home do one of these! I did it last weekend and now that my results have started it’s equal parts horrifying and satisfying. Highly recommend doing this – Bring on sandal season!

Do an at home facial. Deep cleanse, exfoliate and mask just as the pros would do if you were booked into a facial. If you’ve got particularly clogged pores try steaming your face carefully over hot water in a bowl or the sink and then do some gentle extractions with a tissue before you exfoliate and mask.

Take supplements. Now is a great time to strengthen your immune system daily. I’ve been taking these Wellness support vitamins and I also keep Vitamin C, Vitamin D and echinacea on hand.

Scrub and moisturize. The other day I took a hot shower and scrubbed extensively with this great Caudalie Cabernet scrub and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I followed it with the new Caudalie Vinosculpt body cream and it was heavenly slipping on my pjs afterwards. Another clean, affordable body scrub I love is this one by The Seaweed Bath Co.

Try a hair mask. In-shower hair masks you leave on for a few minutes are great but have you ever tried an overnight one? I love this one by Alterna that you leave in your hair and you wake up with smoother, healthier-looking hair.

Incorporate CBD into your day. Achy muscles? Massage them with some Equilibria Relief Cream for near immediate relief. Feeling more anxious these days? Try Equilibria Daily Drops for some added calm. Use code witwhimsy at checkout for 15% off your order.

Have a cup of tea before bed. I find a cup of tea with a bit of honey such a calming experience before bedtime. I absolutely love The Welle Co Sleep Tea for better sleep but also have been drinking this Wellness tea of late.

Give your nails some TLC. Manicure and pedicures are currently a thing of the past so now is the time to order and use Essie Treat Love and Color which helps brittle nails strengthen. This polish always majorly improves the look and feel of my nails. I also love the Olive + June cuticle serum.

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Let me know if you try any of these practices! And do share if you have any other ideas!

p.s. my morning routine and the better habits I’ve been practicing this year.

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  1. THI TRIEU says:

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas on how to pamper ourselves. You make this time more fun with your practical and easy beauty secrets. Can’t wait to try all of them!

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