The Boots Every Girl Should Own

January 5, 2016

‘Tis the season! For all the boots in the land. If you’ve shopped at any point in the past couple of months I’m sure you’ve had your share of being overwhelmed with all the options for boots and booties. Therefore today I thought I’d round up a guide of sorts to the boots I think every girl should have in their wardrobe arsenal so to speak. I’ve broken them down by style and then curated my favorite styles that are currently available (and many on sale!) for each style.

As you go through lots of the styles shown actually come in other colors so be sure to click through if you are looking for a particular style in another color option.

Also a quick note on mainteance: 2015 was the year I started taking better care of my shoes. I highly recommend taking any suede boots you purchase to your nearest cobbler to get them waterproofed. You can also Scotchguard them at home if you’re comfortable doing so. It’ll take your anxiety level way down and ensure your investment goes many more years than past purchases you’ve made if you haven’t been properly weather-proofed before.

Enjoy! Happy boot scootin’!

#1: Heeled Over the Knee

The Boots Every Girl Should Own

The Boots Every Girl Should Own

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

If you’re looking for that “legs for days” look, heeled over the knee boots are where it is at. I like my pairs with a bit of a thicker stacked heel for comfort as seen in the above images. My gray boots are from this post, the black boots from this post and the brown boots from this post.

# 2: Flat Over the Knee

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

This boot style was my go-to when traipsing across Europe in October. I wore these boots practically every day. So comfortable and they instantly make you put together. Not to mention that I love them equally with dresses or skirts as I do with jeans. An investment well worth it.

#3: Low-Heeled Neutral Bootie

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

I never owned a neutral low heeled bootie before this Fall and as evidenced by one, two, three outfits I recently wore in quick succession apparently I was going without! Mine are by Madewell and I’d highly recommend them for comfort and ease of styling.

#4: Low Bootie

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

These booties are for maximum mileage and when you live in a walking city like New York, I can’t recommend this style enough. A stacked heel can be a girl’s best friend, I tell ya. The style I’m wearing above can be found here.

#5: Riding Boot

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

I actually am lacking in the true riding boot style category. I’ve been eyeing this Frye style for a long time and it may be finally time to bite the bullet.

#6: Heeled Black Bootie

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

A more thin-heeled black bootie is perfect to pair with dresses and skirts for winter outings that are a bit more dressy.

#7: Snow Boots

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

If you live somewhere that doesn’t get in-climate weather, this recommendation may not be as relevant to you but chances are you may visit a place with snow sometime in your life so why not be prepared, right!? Thank god chic snow boots actually exist now as I remember a time growing up in Chicago when this was not the case. I’m partial to SORELs (I have this pair for light snow and this pair for more serious weather) but there’s plenty of other stylish choices available. I personally want to add a pair of these to my rotation and have heard the best things about this pair.

#8: Rag & Bone Booties

A Guide to the Boots Every Girl Should Own

This is by far my favorite boot brand.. The Rag & Bone boots in general are so comfortable. I’ve recommended them to so many friends who have subsequently bought the Newburys or the Harrows (styled here) and loved them. I have the Newburys in classic black and the canvas style (on sale) above which I love for Fall.


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[Bekka Palmer Photography]

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