The Dry Shampoo That’s Changing My Life

May 4, 2016

The other week I had breakfast with a girl who works at Luxury Brand Partners which owns Oribe (hello, my favorite texturizing spray!), Smith + Cult (awesome nail products) and (new to me) R+Co.  We chatted all things hair and she told me about one of their newer cult products that R+Co innovated called Badlands which is a dry shampoo paste.

As a self-proclaimed lover of dry shampoo, I was instantly intrigued. A paste for dry shampoo vs. a spray? It makes sense as using a spray you lose a lot of product into the air but I wasn’t sold until I tried it. And OH.MY.GOSH.

Since trying out the Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste I’ve been telling every girl I know about it. One part dry shampoo, one part styling paste, I use it nearly every day to add texture and hold to slept-on hair (I shower at night mostly.) You can also use it immediately following a wash, too which I have done as it adds volume and provides a second-day look of texture and hold despite having just been washed. So while it starts as almost like a wax or a pomade in the jar, once you rub it in your hands, it becomes this powder with a matte finish that doesn’t provide build up.

It’s so genius that it deserved its own blog post. Watch this video on applying it here if you’re interested (skip through to the last 30 seconds or so.)

(I also love the R+Co blow dry balm, too.)

p.s. My most recent beauty favorites + how to get more volume in your hair.

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