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February 11, 2015


For a long time now I’ve been telling myself I need to hit refresh on ye ol’ blog. I’ve been, in all honesty, loathing the layout, wanting to have more of a focus on images, simplifying the layout and overall making the site easier to navigate and more visually appealing. But a re-design takes a lot of work, time & dedication and frankly 2014 was a year where it seemed everything else took priority.

But now it’s 2015 and I’ve taken a long hard look in the mirror and told myself to get my act together and make it happen…and so it is!! This coming June I will unveil a new website and I can’t wait. I’ve been drawing lots of inspiration from across the internet and in my personal life and I can’t wait but there’s a lot of work to be done till we get to that point.

Which is where YOU come in!

I started this blog as a creative outlet – a place to share my favorite things, enjoy writing and eventually it became something so much more. And I count that among my most treasured blessings. Because without readers like you, I wouldn’t get to enjoy this site as much. I wouldn’t have met so many utterly awesome people and I wouldn’t enjoy so many amazing experiences.williamsburg7

So I thought I’d take this afternoon to get real and CHAT.

As I shape what I want the next iteration of this blog to look like, I would absolutely love your help. Whether you are a newer reader or a longtime reader, I want to hear your thoughts! I know I have a lot to improve and as discussed in this post, I want to continue to work towards more transparency and getting back to sharing more with y’all vs. just getting a post up to get one up. That’s how 2014 sort of felt to me and I didn’t love it. This year I am trying to be more present and more genuine and more focused. I hope you have started to feel that.

So all that being said (whew!), I’ve put together a very short survey that I would love for you to take to tell me what you like, what you dislike and what you would like to see more of! (P.S it is anonymous so please feel free to be way honest! It’ll only help me grow & get better.)


Your answers will help me shape the new & improved WIT & Whimsy when it launches and I’d forever be grateful for your opinions!

I’ll be leaving it open for two weeks so if you can’t do it now – you can always come back but I promise it is super quick.

Take the survey now!

HUGE thanks in advance & I can’t wait to go through your answers and make this passion project of mine even better!



And p.s. for a laugh…I have actually been considering changing up the name of this blog (no verdict yet), but in speaking to Taylor she came up with some pretty rich new names for me and I just had to share because they are that hilarious:

  • Things I Wear When I’m Not Watching Law & Order SVU
  • True Life: I Once Lived In A Condemned Building And Was Briefly Homeless, But Look At These Boots!
  • Arriving On Time: Things I Wear When I Wait For Everyone To Get Here, The Meghan Donovan Story (.com)
  • Help Me Rhonda: The Fashion Panic Zone By Meghan D.
  • Pass The Xanax: Closet Encounters That Stress Me Out But End Up Photographing Pretty Well

[Bekka Palmer Photography

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  1. Maddy says:

    ok SERIOUSLY THOUGH you need to change it to the SVU name. And then come up with a new name for mine too, because, we are in the same boat. Let’s be blogger SVU friends.

    God this sounds creepy. More coffee please!

  2. Empsy1933 says:

    The first name is great. It is easy to understand and keep in mind. And maybe it may remind people of your blog when they are really watching Law & Order SVU.

  3. Andrea Navas says:

    OMG those are the funniest names ever! I wish the best for you and your blog. I love it so far and I now is going to come so much better! xx

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