The Feeling is Mutual: Marie Claire Crush

June 15, 2009

marie claire

So we could not be more excited about today. Why you ask? Well it just so happens that one of the holy grails of women’s magazines, the famed (and fabulous) Marie Claire, selected WIT & Whimsy to feature as this week’s Blog Crush!

Talk about a huge honor! We have read Marie Claire since we were meer high school girls, loving those that graced the pages & now we’re so happy to be included on their site!

If you’re crushing on us, too (and of course we hope you are!), subscribe to our posts here and be the first to get the scoop we’re talking about! You can also follow us on twitter! And Marie Claire as well here!

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  1. Annie says:

    This is amazing! Talk about a great birthday present to wake up to!

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