The Ring Girls Love

June 7, 2009

br knotted ringOn a recent trip to Banana Republic, we picked out a simple gold ring that we knew we had to have. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re not the biggest jewlery buffs, but when we find something simple, elegant & timeless, we have to have it. This BR knotted gold ring is one of those.

The design is sleek and elegant and the price is right: just $24. Part of that, however, is that this ring is plated with gold so you’ve been warned! Take if off before you wash your hand.

When chatting with the salesperson we also found out that they’re having trouble keeping it in stock! Apparently they’ve sold so many that they need to keep refreshing their inventory. Got to love when that happens during these tough times!

Pick one up in stores in gold or silver or online.

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  1. Virginia says:

    oh i love it. thanks for sharing

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