w&w Guide to: A Low-Key, Stress-Free Organized Home

August 7, 2008

Every WIT needs to have her home- whether it be a darling studio, three bedroom roommate apartment or entire household- feel like a place to relax and be one’s sanctuary. The only roadblocks that can prevent this from happening is excess clutter, a lack of cleaning and not enough ideas when it comes to decorating the place you spend your days and nights.

Adapted from an August 2008 Real Simple article, here’s our guide for WITs to create a home that’s organized, stress-free and stylish!

Use Books as Furniture
Pile excess literature (those Annie Liebowitz coffee table books, Christian Dior’s Little Dictionary of Fashion and Audrey Style books you had to drool over and memorize) to compile them into side tables. One stack is topped with a metal tray that holds remotes or has a picture frame adorn it.

Create Covert Storage

Use a white plastic barrel (try the Container Store or Crate & Barrel for a stylish, yet purposeful one) in a corner of your home and utilize it to stash all materials to be recycled. Once a week empty it out and say “goodbye” to having constant piles of papers and unnecessary mailers, etc strewn across your household.

Why put things away when you can keep them in full view? If you have the room, utilize spaces like kitchen cabinets for open shelves that display colorful pots and pans or place vases in an aesthetic arrangement. Us budgeted WITs (and unmarried for that matter!) should have the space available to be creative and play with interior decorating options! Magazines like Domino have excellent ideas for this.

Max out Storage
Because the kitchen lacks cupboards, pantry staples share shelf space with crystal stemware in a built-in dining-room cabinet. Show off all the witty collectibles you’ve accrued over time. And it doesn’t hurt to leave room for that Tiffany vase you’ve had your eye on or a Baccarat accent piece (I have a butterfly similar to this paperweight and absolutely adore it).

Keep it all clean
Invest in (and thank yourself a million times later) a small carry-all container that can house all cleaning materials you utilize on a regular basis. This will help you have all things in one place and avoid various products spread across your apartment. Everything is readily available should a tipsy WIT happen to knock over a glass of red vino or spaghetti sauce finds its way onto your new white Theory pants.

Photo and article inspiration courtesy of Real Simple

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