Tie-Sleeve Trench + a Q&A

November 22, 2017

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears a classic Fall outfit

It is Q&A day! I’m excited to share my next Q&A post with you all. These posts are always so fun to put together and in this edition we’re tackling hair, investment bag purchases, romance and more.

Sail to Sable Sweater

I love your New York City guide but I’m planning a trip for next year and hoping you can tell me the one or two restaurants I shouldn’t miss for dinner while in town? Can you narrow down your favorites?

Oh man this is so hard! But if I had to, had to narrow my favorites…I’d choose Lilia, abc kitchen or L’artusi.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears a classic Fall outfit

You don’t speak much about romantic relationships but as a fellow single woman, how do you deal with social pressures to be coupled up?

Loaded question! I have a lot of thoughts on this topic – so much so that I should probably do a whole blog post! I have really learned to try and have confidence in things working out the way they should. I don’t feel insecure about being single until married friends or friends in serious relationships start making me feel that way by saying things like “Are you on the apps?” or “What are you doing about dating in New York?” or “I can’t believe you’re still single!” or “I can’t wait for this to happen to you!”  I know they mean it in a harmless manner but it all comes across in a way that makes me feel like I have to defend myself for being single. Which I shouldn’t have to! I truly can’t picture life right now married, in the suburbs, with a kid. I love my independence and I love the fact that I am currently able to fully support myself. But let us recognize that just because we’re single doesn’t mean we’re not trying to meet someone. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t someday want to be married, in the suburbs, with a kid. I do! But being single is perfectly acceptable and we shouldn’t let other people make us feel like we are less successful in life or not as happy because we aren’t coupled up. I have utter faith that my person is out there and I can’t wait until I meet them. Until then when people ask me if I’m dating anyone, I will continue to reply “you’ll be the first to know.”

This is a random fashion question – when you wear a hat with an outfit, are you supposed to take it off when you go inside to eat/drink/etc.? I have several cute hats that I love and want to wear but wasn’t sure what the proper protocol was…

I would say that generally it depends on the size of the hat. For larger fedoras I almost always take them off when I go indoors – especially if I’m going to be sitting down – but sometimes for beanies I will keep them on indoors at, say, a restaurant or museum. And if you are in an environment in which someone is sitting behind you, I would say you should always take it off.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears a classic Fall outfit

I am a masters student who is done this coming March and I would love any advice on the PR or marketing world. What made you choose that career path? Is your blog somewhat an extension of your job? Also any advice for a single girl potentially moving to NYC! How did you first make friends in a big city? This is one of my biggest worries.

First off, thank you for the friend question as it was one of several reader questions that sparked this post! I hope you found it helpful about your potential move to NYC! I also have a post all about moving to New York & finding an apartment in case it is helpful. I say if your gut is telling you to do it, do it! I am so glad I followed my gut instinct so many years ago.

Regarding my career path, it was really my internships in college that led me to pursue PR. I loved working with media, helping to build brands and working with a variety of different clients and people on teams. Now, working for myself, my clients are mostly startup beauty brands and I love how I feel like the press coverage I get for them really helps to move the needle for their company. It’s empowering work! I actually generally completely separate wit & whimsy work and my client PR work. It’s easier for me however sometimes they do cross over or they are helpful to one another.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears a classic Fall outfit

I am ready to make my first big bag purchase but I can’t decide whether to buy a big bag or a small bag as my first investment – thoughts?

How exciting! I still remember buying my very first designer bag. I think investment bags make a lot of sense because you’ll get so much wear out of it. As far as buying one that is small or big – it depends on your lifestyle. If you’re someone that carries a larger bag to work everyday maybe you want one that feels nicer and more elevated? Or maybe you’re someone who goes out all the time or can function during the day with just a small crossbody (vs. having your whole life toted around in a big bag). Ask yourself what bag you’ll get the most use out of and then go from there. I personally use my little designer bags a lot but more so because I no longer have a corporate commuting job. If you want something more for day to day I’d recommend this Tory Burch tote and I also really love my Mansur Gavriel tote. The small designer bags I use the most are my red Chloe Marcie bag and my Saint Laurent Betty bag.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears a classic Fall outfit

I love how your waves always look! Do you mind sharing what curling iron you use?

I almost always exclusively use the Sulta Bombshell wand. It’s just the easiest and I can quickly curl my hair in under 10 minutes. I have a few others I rotate in sometimes but 99% of the time I’ve use the Bombshell. (It + all my other holy grail beauty products can be found in this post!)

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears a classic Fall outfit

Thanks so much to those of you who submitted questions this time around! I LOVE hearing from you guys! Please always feel free to reach out via email or this form!

Just a quick note on this outfit, too! I love a good trench as a topper but only have a classic khaki one (seen here). When I spotted this oh-so-soft trench in the pretty sage color with tie sleeve detail, I knew it would be a welcomed addition to my coat collection. (It also comes in black + gray!)

Club Monaco Tie-Sleeve Trench Coat + Booties (Both on Sale!) // Topshop Jeans // Sail to Sable Sweater (c/o) // Leopard Clutch // Cluse Watch

p.s. picks from a GREAT sale happening now & a past Q&A.

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