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January 2, 2014



I’m so glad I jotted down my 2013 resolutions. It was a good exercise to go back and review them. I meant to publish these 2014 resolutions yesterday but I guess I’m starting out the new year a bit delayed. Given my constant anxiety about being on time, I should just deal, right?

res·o·lu·tion: n.

1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.
2. A resolving to do something.
3. A course of action determined or decided on.
  1. Spend less on frivolous things. YES, you can do without those shoes. Remember the importance of savings.
  2. Plan things while you can. Ever since moving to New York I said I’d go to Europe. Nearly three years later I still haven’t gone. That is until June 2014. Paris…London…here I come! Flights are booked and I couldn’t be more excited to get to planning.
  3. Ask for help when needed. Sometimes I think living in a city you become so surrounded by people yet it’s easier than ever to become introverted. I want to continue to raise my hand and ask for help when I need it. I want to remember my valued support system and lean on them when necessary.
  4. Continue to celebrate life’s little moments. It’s so easy to always say “where does the time go?” but far harder to savor moments. I want to celebrate throughout 2014 the things that make life special. And all the people in my life who make it so worthwhile.
  5. Reach out to others. While I’d say I’m pretty good at keeping in touch with those in my life, I can always do more. And sometimes it is nice to reach out to others in need that you may not even know.
  6. Be kind. Sometimes I allow New York to make me angry. I find myself impatient or riled up when commuting, shopping, working, etc…but I want to remember more regularly that we all have a cross to bear. Sometimes it’s a silent struggle for people so it pays to be nice or to take a deep breath before exhibiting frustration.
  7. Practice wellness. I want to get back to being gluten free. Work out more. Make myself a priority on some days. Cook more. Focus on what makes me feel good. My health continues to be a struggle and sometimes I let it overwhelm me and begin to let each day pass feeling sorry for myself. I want to remember that it could be so much worse and that there are some elements I can control and I should practice the good habits that can contribute as much as possible.
  8. Be positive! Look on the bright side, see the glass half full…you get the picture!

Many happy wishes to you for the new year! XO

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  1. Taylor says:

    Love these resolutions Meg! A great reminder to do little things everyday to keep us healthy, wise, and perhaps just a LITTLE more wealthy. (Saving is a good one, btw.) Luuuurve you 🙂

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