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December 31, 2012


I know many out there resolve not to resolve, but I foresee a far better 2013 than 2012 (fingers crossed!) so I am putting pen to paper (of sorts) and setting out some resolutions to make this year one of the best yet.

1. Soak up life as much as possible. Say yes more, check off things on those bucket lists.

2. Photograph more. Get that camera dusted off and into those clutches!

3. Celebrate more occasions! (First up: my 2 year anniversary with one of the best dates ever: New York City.)

4. Volunteer. I was recently trained for New York Cares and can’t wait to get out into the city I love so much and give back.

5. Be well more. After going gluten free, I’m more aware than ever of wellness. I want to treat my body better by being more conscious of what I put in it and what I expend.

6. Go on an adventure! Use those miles you’ve got and seek out a new destination.

7. Evolve the blog. I want to bring more enhanced content to the blog and seek out new partnerships.

Happy New Year, all!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I may just have to copy all of your resolutions! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope 2013 will be a year to remember for you!

  2. great rezzies! happy 2013! xoxo

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