To crop or not to crop? That may just be the question.

June 22, 2010

There are always those trends that creep up. The ones where you see them here and there in a store and think, “What in God’s name is this doing here?” or “Who in the hell would ever wear this?” Oh yes, you know those thoughts. We have them quite often, in fact. We’ll also be the first to admit however that we’ve been wrong on several (such as rompers – own one – and jeggings – kind of mildly obsessed, both of which we actually really love now – when done right, that is!), but we’re already wondering how on earth, if we were to embrace it that is, would we pull off angled crop tops?

Splendid Whisper Cropped Tank top, $44

LNA Cropped Back Tail tank, $64

Granted this is definitely a trend to re-surface rather than be totally new. College Fashion questioned it this time last year as certain celebs were seen out and about in them, but we’re not sure we totally dig it. That being said, when styled with a cute, high-waisted skirt we can see us doing it down the line maybe (maybe, maybe, maybe), but when baggy and carrying excess fabric at the sides, think that is one style we’ll keep out of the closet.

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photos courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue and Urban Outfitters

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  1. handbag says:

    Overalls belong on a farm. Period. They don’t flatter anyone, and there are much better ways to look down-home sexy (a checked shirt tied at the midriff is a better start).

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