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December 6, 2018

Plaid Coat and Booties I wit & whimsy

“Don’t you just love New York in the Fall?” That’s my favorite line from You’ve Got Mail. It perfectly encapsulates what I want to say to every stranger on the street for the blissful few weeks we’re blessed with Fall. As I write this though it already feels like a distant memory.

Plaid Coat and Booties I wit & whimsy

Plaid Coat I pom pom hat

Plaid Coat and Booties I wit & whimsy

Plaid Coat and Booties I wit & whimsy

In early November we got a few inches of snow (too soon!) and this week has brought 30 degree weather with winter winds. The trade off? We get Christmas trees and festive plans to help ease the pain of entering Winter. My mom said to me the other day “You keep saying how busy you are and yet also how much you love this time of year.” It’s TOO TRUE. November and December end up being my busiest time of year. It always creeps up on me and it’s right around the time Fall’s leaves drop and BAM it’s plans left and right and deadlines cropping up and travel and stress. I’ve been living by my to-do list the past few weeks. Constantly feeling like I’m racing against the clock. I check the To Do list on my iPhone non-stop seeing what else I can accomplish. There have been a lot of late nights and many, many early mornings. I’ve been drinking more than one cup of coffee (which I never do!) and hustling, hustling, hustling. The pay off? I hope some much needed downtime in Colorado later this month. I’m hoping to get as many blog posts done in advance so that I’m not powering up my laptop too often. All that being said this is breathing new life and inspiration into my everyday. Reading the comments has been such a bright spot in my day.

I hope you guys are having a good week!

& Other Stories Coat (So many other good coats, too!) and Sweater (love this one, this one, too) // Jeans (one of my favorites) // Booties (last seen here; now on sale) // Bag // Eric Javits Hat (c/o) // Sunglasses

p.s. styling leather leggings 4 ways and holiday shopping tips.

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