Tobi: A Name in Online Fashion Every Gal Should Know

February 24, 2009

While it doesn’t bring the same pleasure of seeing all the fabulous colors on racks upon racks or the satisfaction of being able to try things on right away, online shopping is such a great way to do a whole lot in less time and to explore many more styles, trends and options.

While ShopBop will always be a love of mine, I’ve just been introduced (by a fellow WIT, but of course) to an online shopping site that shows great promise for satisfying my shopping habit (and probably getting me into some pocketbook danger while I’m at it!)

Tobi is all about high-end fashion (including all the WITs favorites brands like LaRok, Splendid, C&C, Theory, Velvet & Juicy), convenience and best yet, customer service. The site was designed to bring a 1-on-1 online shopping experience to gals like us (oh and they even offer menswear!) Now, what sets them apart on customer service isn’t the great sales or the free shipping, but rather the option of calling up or chatting online with a personal stylist. Tobi creators Cathy & Corina didn’t want the building of great relationships through customer service and genuine attention to be affected by the fact that their style baby was online so they brought stylists to customers’ fingertips. Genius!

Tobi aims to remember what you love, help you answer questions about fit, style & share the love of shopping. It’s exactly what we WITs need when it comes to online shopping, isn’t it?

The other winning aspect about the site? The user interface is fabulous! ShopBop can be so frustrating with its scrolling features going bezerk and its Search function could definitely use a lot of improvement. Tobi has these elements nailed down. Sounds like a perfect new destination for WITs when it comes to satisfying our shopping sweet tooth!

photos courtesy of Tobi

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  1. b says:

    Loves it! Online shopping gets the best of me while taking 5 minute breaks from working.

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