Travelling Gals

June 20, 2008

I once loved traveling to destinations. For me, it’s always been about the whole experience- the stacks of fashion magazines, the mini cups of juice and soda, the deep breath you take when you’re finally belted into your seat and are leaving your worries behind…because, let’s face it- us WITs are absolute jet setters.

That being said, I’m currently stuck on the runway at SFO and have been for almost two hours. I think it goes without saying that flying is not what it used to be. I stood behind a woman today checking her bag that was six pounds overweight and United asked for $100! $100!!!!! Do you know what I could buy with a hundred dollars?! When did traveling for pleasure become traveling with pain?
The airline industry faces many challenges right now and as I sit here in 27G I figure I will remind all the WITs the importance of patience and planning ahead. Look for fare sales, show up early and face the fact that a flight no longer includes any amenities (goodbye rold golds and warm hand towels 🙁 ). But, do remember to always bring a good witty read, wear a comfy traveling outfit (read: juicy velour) and find the WIT way to travel in style however possible!!

(posted on behalf of Meghan)

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